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Thursday, July 5, 2007

My bro sucks
Today I got up so early than the days before, it's at 8 o'clock. (Before this day i was ashamed to tell you that I usually wake up so late, at 12 o'clock) But it seemed like the earth doesnt let me to have a peaceful day. When I woke up and has just been can open my eyes easily (because i've been so sleepy), the door seems like it was hit by something heavy, BANG! So I lost all that called sleepy. Who's that?? He just disturb my peaceful morning. And guess what? It's just my bro and he looked so amazed so if he doesnt manage himself he'll blow up. So i ask him, 'What do u want this morning?' and he just grins at me and say, 'You'll never guess it, bro!' Wow, did he think that I'll guess everything about what did he do last night? I'm not a detective. And before I let him to announce his night, he's talked. He told me that he spent the night with his gurl and his gurl kissed him once more (once more!). So he was so enthusiastic this morning because of the move on him by his gurl. I dont know what i'm gonna do. I may be jealous, but... I may celebrate him.
I don't know for sure, eh.
What that i can make sure of him is, me at his age didnt do that. And you can see how the life changes easily...Adults' activity becomes adolescences' activity. How come?
But i'm afraid that if he do this one everyday he'll be more professional than me.

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