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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

   Damn it, Work is getting really busy.
Well guys, I may not be able to get on that much this week. It seems that I am going to be working an unusually large amount this week and therefore will have trouble getting on The O. I am very sorry and will try to comment when I can, but I am just saying that it may be rather rarely. Here is a poll for ya. I think Iíll leave this one up a little longer then usual just because it got a late start and I wonít be around as much. Take care guys. Later
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Monday, May 8, 2006

   I am Very Sorry
First, I would like to apologize to all of my My O friends for my recent absence. Do to something at work I had to stay until 12:00 a.m. Then, I had to get up again the next day (well, technically the same day) at 6 and go to work. When I got back I checked my email and that was the only time I was on the computer. Iíll have to come up with a new poll or something for you guys later, but for now I need to get some sleep. Have a good one. Later
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Saturday, May 6, 2006


Finally, I never thought I would live to see this day. School is over!!! It is so beautiful it just brings me to tears. My last final was a nasty one. Man, I am really wondering what happened on that one. I finally got to work in our newly opened store. It was pretty cool. Our store was pretty packed and I spent just as much time running around the place like a blind retarded person looking for books as I did on the register. There was quite a lot of manga getting sold. There was also a guy wearing an ďI heart HentaiĒ shirt. I love the fact that a Game Stop (video game store) is right by my work (although, that makes it pretty tempting to spend my pay check). However, all the times that I go in there, it is always the same (just as lordsesshomaru stated in a post a few days ago). They ask a thousand questions that all have the same answer.
Do you want to by a discount card?
Do you want to subscribe to ______Magazine?
Do you want to by this for your game?
Do you want to reserve a game?
No damn it! (not actually what I say)
I understand that they are obligated to do this, but every person in the store knows me by name now and they all know what I am going to say. I just wish they wouldnít take me through that process again, when they already know the outcome. Tomorrow I think Iíll purchase some games (thinking about Xenosaga 1 and/or Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires, and possibly Suikoden 5). Sadly, I got into a little argument with my family today, but you guys know how that goes. Things should be cool again soon. Man, I am getting tired. I think I am going to go to sleep for about 12 hrs (seriously), and then get up for work. I managed to get to all your sites yesterday (somehow), and Iíll be around to comment later Saturday night (while watching adult swim). Have a good weekend you guys. Later

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Thursday, May 4, 2006

   Wow, finals I need to get going.
Wow, what a last 48 hrs. It has been something crazy. To make some long stories short: I was hit on by my gay manager, had a huge shelf of hardback books fall on my head, had a trash dumpster lid smash my head just a little while after words, and I just finished one of my finals on which one of the subjects I choose was how terrible my teacher was (yes, it was actually an option). Now, I am just taking some time to type this post and then I need to get back to my studying for my next final (tonight). Iíll be around to comment when I get back. Oh ya, luicifers wife and I made a club together. Go to her site and check it out. Contact her if you want to join. For all you guys I talked to last night on AIM/Yahoo, you guys are all awesome. Thanks a lot. Later
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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Hey guys whatís up? Iím just watching a new Inuyasha. I managed to get too all of your sites. Some weird stuff happened though. No, lordsesshomaru that was not me, but I am currently trying to add you. Same with sesslover18, too. I hope I got your screen names right. I have work tomorrow, but my manager said that we are just going to mess around all day and not do a thing (it could be a lie). I had my car worked on today, but it sadly cost me $500. Quite a set back for my plans (Iíll have to tell you about them later). I may not be on tomorrow night. I have two finals on Thursday, so Iíll be studying almost all night. So, if I am unable to visit your sites; I apologize. Well, I got some web surfing to do. Oh, and to all of you guys who complained about Kadaj not being in the poll. Well, now I feel like and ass. I am the biggest Kadaj fan ever, but I thought you guys would be getting tired of me favoring him. Sorry he is not on there, but if he was I definitely would have picked him. Later
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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

   Not much but it is My Day Off
Man, I didnít get any sleep last night. I was up doing things on the internet until it was time for me to go to work. Work was pretty good. We just fixed up the place for the inspector who is coming today. I guess I did a really good job (that is what my managers said anyway) and got done with my tasks really fast, so I got to go home early. Sadly, when I got home I started to feel sick (Not again), so after I was on the computer for a little while I took a nap. It wasnít too fun. People kept calling me, and when I got up to go to the bathroom my sheet was rapped around my leg, and I didnít know it. So, instead of hopping out of bed to go to the bathroom, I hoped out of bed and immediately fell forward and hit my face on the floor. Now that is one way to get up in the morning, lol. Not much else to say. I got Yahoo Messenger too. Know I can chat with some of you guys who donít have AIM, if that is O.K. with you. I hope you guys (mostly girls actually) like my poll. I originally had another one up, but decided to change it. FMA is on now, so Iíll see ya. Later
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Monday, May 1, 2006

   Finals and Opening Week
Well, I think I fixed the problem. I am about to make some small changes to my site. I put up a poll for you girls (I threw in the word cool just so us guys wonít look gay). The last poll was a bit of a surprise to me. Lucy tied with Faye. A lot has been going on, so to keep from making the longest post in history Iíll just say a few things. First, yesterday at work we had a party. It was a day for us to eat, chill with our coworkers, and enjoy the store. The best part is that we got paid to do it. The only thing that came close to work was the scavenger hunt, which my group ended up winning. For a prize we got to pick out any book in the store ($15 and under) and keep it for free. I got a how to draw anime book because I suck at drawing. A lot of other stuff happened to, but I wonít bore you with that. This week is finals week (the week of hell). Last time I had 3 all nighters on finals week (two in a row). It looks like I already got one under my belt because it is almost time for work and I havenít slept yet. This also (very ironically) happens to be the same week that Books-A-Million opens, so Iím going to be extremely busy on that end too. However, after this week is over (assuming I survive) I will be done with school. YES!!! I was wandering you guys. I have some of my friends from school and my AIM, but I only have one person from My O on there. I was wondering, if any of you guys didnít mind if I could add you too my buddies list. Comment if it is O.K. Well, I best get back to finishing my site. If you had a button and I didn't add you just tell me and I will. I apologize to anyone who read my last post and voted on my last poll (I deleted them), but they sucked. Have a good one guys. Later
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Saturday, April 29, 2006

   Just a little maintenance
I am "trying" to work on my site. I'll post a little later. Check back sometime later today.
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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Work and Homework
Man, work was something today. I had to take a few hundred books off of some selves, take the shelves down, put them back up, and restock the books in a different order. After doing that for about 3 hrs, another manager (not the head manager, but one from another store) came over and told me too take it all down and restock it the way it was. Well, as it turns out my head manager was wrong, and I just wasted 3 hrs. doing a job that didnít need to be done. On top of that, the way the shelves were originally stocked was completely different from anything me or my manager had ever seen, so I didnít know what to do. I worked on that for several more hrs. and eventually they made me stop. I was pissed because I was wasting my time on something I didnít know how to do, and that didnít need to be done. I was actually supposed to be stocking our new shipment of manga. We get one yesterday and today (I canít work today because of to muck school), and I donít get to stock any of them (it is the easiest job by far). Also, I found out that the computer wasnít working write and didnít record my time when I clocked in, so I only got credit for working half a day. I told the manager, but she doesnít seem to care much. I hope she corrects it. What a day. Thanks a lot for all the comments yesterday. I got to go now. I am working on my 15 page report (sadly, I barely have any done). Tomorrow is also my long school day (9:00 am to 9:00 pm). Iíll try to comment during and after school. Later
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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Well guys, I must really suck. I have noticed that note as many people visit me anymore, my poll had far fewer votes then last time, and that a guestbook sig. was deleted. I guess you guys are just getting bored with me. Iíll have a new poll up shortly. Sephiroth won the last one pretty convincingly. Speaking of Sephiroth, I bought Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children (English version) today. Sadly, I was disappointed with the English dub. I can believe it. I had such high expectations for it, but it seem like most of them just didnít try very hard on their characters. I love dubs, but this is one show where the sub version is way better (in my opinion). I have to get up for another day of work tomorrow at 7. Gosh I hope we take it easy. I have a 15 page report to type for English that is due Thursday. Man, I just want a break. Sorry, if I didnít get to a lot of your sites today. My internet and cable was shut off. My dumb ass roommate thought that our cable was paid, but IT WASNíT ! Now, thanks to a big misunderstanding by him we (I pay half) owe the cable company $430. I am mad!!! Thanks a lot to SessLover18 for your help. I really appreciate it. Iíll have to use what you told me on my site a little later. Well guys, I sadly have to go to sleep know. I guess my days of staying up late on My O are over now. I have to get up early for work (plus, Inuyasha is about to start). Later

P.S. Does anyone know if the PMs are working correctly yet?

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