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Monday, May 1, 2006

   Finals and Opening Week
Well, I think I fixed the problem. I am about to make some small changes to my site. I put up a poll for you girls (I threw in the word cool just so us guys wonít look gay). The last poll was a bit of a surprise to me. Lucy tied with Faye. A lot has been going on, so to keep from making the longest post in history Iíll just say a few things. First, yesterday at work we had a party. It was a day for us to eat, chill with our coworkers, and enjoy the store. The best part is that we got paid to do it. The only thing that came close to work was the scavenger hunt, which my group ended up winning. For a prize we got to pick out any book in the store ($15 and under) and keep it for free. I got a how to draw anime book because I suck at drawing. A lot of other stuff happened to, but I wonít bore you with that. This week is finals week (the week of hell). Last time I had 3 all nighters on finals week (two in a row). It looks like I already got one under my belt because it is almost time for work and I havenít slept yet. This also (very ironically) happens to be the same week that Books-A-Million opens, so Iím going to be extremely busy on that end too. However, after this week is over (assuming I survive) I will be done with school. YES!!! I was wandering you guys. I have some of my friends from school and my AIM, but I only have one person from My O on there. I was wondering, if any of you guys didnít mind if I could add you too my buddies list. Comment if it is O.K. Well, I best get back to finishing my site. If you had a button and I didn't add you just tell me and I will. I apologize to anyone who read my last post and voted on my last poll (I deleted them), but they sucked. Have a good one guys. Later
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