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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Hey guys whatís up? Iím just watching a new Inuyasha. I managed to get too all of your sites. Some weird stuff happened though. No, lordsesshomaru that was not me, but I am currently trying to add you. Same with sesslover18, too. I hope I got your screen names right. I have work tomorrow, but my manager said that we are just going to mess around all day and not do a thing (it could be a lie). I had my car worked on today, but it sadly cost me $500. Quite a set back for my plans (Iíll have to tell you about them later). I may not be on tomorrow night. I have two finals on Thursday, so Iíll be studying almost all night. So, if I am unable to visit your sites; I apologize. Well, I got some web surfing to do. Oh, and to all of you guys who complained about Kadaj not being in the poll. Well, now I feel like and ass. I am the biggest Kadaj fan ever, but I thought you guys would be getting tired of me favoring him. Sorry he is not on there, but if he was I definitely would have picked him. Later
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