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Saturday, May 6, 2006


Finally, I never thought I would live to see this day. School is over!!! It is so beautiful it just brings me to tears. My last final was a nasty one. Man, I am really wondering what happened on that one. I finally got to work in our newly opened store. It was pretty cool. Our store was pretty packed and I spent just as much time running around the place like a blind retarded person looking for books as I did on the register. There was quite a lot of manga getting sold. There was also a guy wearing an “I heart Hentai” shirt. I love the fact that a Game Stop (video game store) is right by my work (although, that makes it pretty tempting to spend my pay check). However, all the times that I go in there, it is always the same (just as lordsesshomaru stated in a post a few days ago). They ask a thousand questions that all have the same answer.
Do you want to by a discount card?
Do you want to subscribe to ______Magazine?
Do you want to by this for your game?
Do you want to reserve a game?
No damn it! (not actually what I say)
I understand that they are obligated to do this, but every person in the store knows me by name now and they all know what I am going to say. I just wish they wouldn’t take me through that process again, when they already know the outcome. Tomorrow I think I’ll purchase some games (thinking about Xenosaga 1 and/or Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires, and possibly Suikoden 5). Sadly, I got into a little argument with my family today, but you guys know how that goes. Things should be cool again soon. Man, I am getting tired. I think I am going to go to sleep for about 12 hrs (seriously), and then get up for work. I managed to get to all your sites yesterday (somehow), and I’ll be around to comment later Saturday night (while watching adult swim). Have a good weekend you guys. Later

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