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Thursday, May 4, 2006

   Wow, finals I need to get going.
Wow, what a last 48 hrs. It has been something crazy. To make some long stories short: I was hit on by my gay manager, had a huge shelf of hardback books fall on my head, had a trash dumpster lid smash my head just a little while after words, and I just finished one of my finals on which one of the subjects I choose was how terrible my teacher was (yes, it was actually an option). Now, I am just taking some time to type this post and then I need to get back to my studying for my next final (tonight). Iíll be around to comment when I get back. Oh ya, luicifers wife and I made a club together. Go to her site and check it out. Contact her if you want to join. For all you guys I talked to last night on AIM/Yahoo, you guys are all awesome. Thanks a lot. Later
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