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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Work and Homework
Man, work was something today. I had to take a few hundred books off of some selves, take the shelves down, put them back up, and restock the books in a different order. After doing that for about 3 hrs, another manager (not the head manager, but one from another store) came over and told me too take it all down and restock it the way it was. Well, as it turns out my head manager was wrong, and I just wasted 3 hrs. doing a job that didnít need to be done. On top of that, the way the shelves were originally stocked was completely different from anything me or my manager had ever seen, so I didnít know what to do. I worked on that for several more hrs. and eventually they made me stop. I was pissed because I was wasting my time on something I didnít know how to do, and that didnít need to be done. I was actually supposed to be stocking our new shipment of manga. We get one yesterday and today (I canít work today because of to muck school), and I donít get to stock any of them (it is the easiest job by far). Also, I found out that the computer wasnít working write and didnít record my time when I clocked in, so I only got credit for working half a day. I told the manager, but she doesnít seem to care much. I hope she corrects it. What a day. Thanks a lot for all the comments yesterday. I got to go now. I am working on my 15 page report (sadly, I barely have any done). Tomorrow is also my long school day (9:00 am to 9:00 pm). Iíll try to comment during and after school. Later
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