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Monday, April 24, 2006

   Still Sick!!!!
How’s it going? Well, I just worked for 12 hours strait (I am sooo tired), and half to go in again tomorrow. Just so you know, for the last few days I have been organizing our new manga section (we are opening a new store). It was awesome! And I even got to read a little. We are supposed to get two more shipments in soon. Sadly, right now I am working on the romance novels again. For some reason I just can’t get better. Yes, you guessed it. I am still sick. I would like to take the day off to get better (I am only getting about 4 hrs of sleep a night), but I need the money. It just sucks, I need to sleep to get better, but I can’t sleep because my stomach is hurting so much. If I ever have time I need to get to the doctor, but I have been so busy that I haven’t even been able to pick up my contacts in 3 weeks. I need to make a new poll. I’ll have to get around to it when I have more time. Oh ya, just if you wanted to I am passed 300 visits now. Thanks a lot for the comments. See ya
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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hey guys, how have you been? It has been awhile. I am still sick damn it! Well, I don’t have much to say. I have been working a lot . I have finally found some of the Fruits Basket dvds for my sister. I got the last two, but still have yet to get the first. Sorry, that I don’t have much to say. I got to get to bed. I have to work at 8 in the morning and might work until 8 at night (that is a lot). I’ll get around to your sites later tonight, but if I don’t then assume that I am dead (over working lol). Thanks for staying with me guys. Later
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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

   Well guys, I am still really ill. I am still going to school, but I spend a lot of time throwing up. It sucks!!! I am also posting to tell you that tomorrow I am taking my shitty laptop in to get fixed, so I might not be on the internet for a while. I hope that it doesn’t take too long. Later
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

   Another Question
O.K., I hope you guys don’t think that this is a crime, but do to factors that even I am not sure of I have yet to finish the Yu Yu Hakusho series. Sadly, I was unable to continue right when Yusuke and Sensui begin their fight. Now, I am posing another question to you guys. Should I finish Yu Yu? Does the show get better, stay the same, or die out (as many shows do) as it continues through the Saga of the Three Kings? Now I know that Yu Yu is something that almost all anime fans should have seen, but it was taken off tv, and I just couldn’t get around to finishing it. Oh, and just so you guys know; my favorite character is Hiei. Well, not much else is going on. I am sick again and debating on whether or not to stay home tomorrow. C-ya
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Monday, April 17, 2006

Well guys, there is not much for me to say. Sadly, my Easter was a disaster! I was alone all day (friends and family deserted me,) and never even got to eat one piece of candy or chocolate. After that I am thinking about joining the Anti-Easter Club that luicifers wife and takoyaki power where talking about. Sorry that I’m ranting about my problems. It was just a terrible day.
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Sunday, April 16, 2006

   Happy Easter!
Happy Easter Guys! It’s Easter, one of my favorite holidays of the year. It is a great excuse to pig out on chocolate and candy. I got a new poll up. The last poll was a little one sided. Tifa won pretty convincingly, but at least every character got at least one vote. Yesterday, work was decent. It was just a little boring until I had to COMP (it basically means to organize) the manga section. That was very fun, I just slowly went through them, “inspected” (by that I mean read a little) them, and put them in order. It was pretty cool. After that there wasn’t much to do, so I just chilled at the register and helped people out. I hope you all have a great Easter. Later
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Saturday, April 15, 2006

   Sleep at Last
I finally got to sleep!!! Man did I make it count too. I slept for 12 hrs straight, and would have slept more, but I had to go to school. School on “Good Friday” sucks!!! I even got a two and a half hour nap in when I got back. Bio lab wasn’t too bad yesterday. We dissected a frog. I was pretty cool, but that was it. Well, I got to go to work today. I hope I get to do something interesting, but not as interesting as having the boss’s pants rip in my face. God, I am still traumatized about that. I would love to just sneak off, and go read in the manga section, but the boss can see me from there. Crap! Thanks a lot for all the comments yesterday. I tied my old record. See ya.
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Friday, April 14, 2006

   I Made It!!!
I made it!!! I wasn’t sure I could make it through the day. I didn’t get any sleep last night, which brings my 2 night total to 4 hrs of sleep. I fell asleep in every class had had today. It was nasty. I made it through work without any trouble, but it was very boring. I’m going to get some sleep now. Take care.
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Thursday, April 13, 2006

   Not Again!!!
Man, I thought that yesterday was hard. Today is just going to be flat out nasty. I am currently working on my 8 page report and am very tired (not much sleep last night) not to mention full (me and my friend ate a whole Kong sized pizza). I feel like I am going to pass out. I have to get up, go to bio, go to English and hand in my report, then I have to be at work in 15 minutes from class, then work for 4 hours, get off work and make it to class in 30 minutes, take notes in history, and finally go home at 9:30 p.m. The only breaks I get all day are the 15 and 30 minutes where I go from work to class. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Yesterday at work was something. It seems like I just don’t have good luck. As you know my manager yesterday was “different.” She told us that the parts of the booklets where the manager is supposed to take us around the store, and show us things so we can mark them off our list was not important. She said we should skip that part. Well, I finally got done with all of it and handed it into the head manager (not the same lady). She put me to work putting all of the romance novels in order (don’t even ask about how shitty that was), but then I hear her yell “Dustin, get over here!” I drop what I was doing and head over. She asks “Do you think this is funny?” I ask what she means. She says that there are several parts in the booklet that I didn’t do. I tell her that the manager yesterday said not to do them. She replies “That doesn’t matter! Now you sit down right here and finish it now!” After she leaves I ask my co-workers (who had just finished it themselves) if they did them. They all replied “No.” Well I went through it and about an hour later I finally finished. What really pisses me off is the fact that I was the only one who got yelled at, and in front of everyone no less. I went back and worked on the romance section for the remainder of my time and then left. I went home, ate, and am now working on this post and the paper. Well, I got to get typing on it. I’ll be around to comment after I get home tomorrow. Later
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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

   I'm Back (again)
Well guys, I am back (again). I spent all day in Indy, but sadly didn’t accomplish much. Then, I got home and studied for a huge bio. exam that I had on Tuesday. I made it out alive (barely), and went to English were I nearly passed out (damn allergy pills knock me out). After that, I went for my first day of work. Sadly, I didn’t really do anything. I worked on a booklet that has everything about the company in it, for 5 hours. I also had to take some tests on what I had read. If you get a 17 out of 20 then you pass the test. On the first test I got a 17 (wow, that was close). Then, I got a 20 on the next one (yes). On the last test of the day my manager said that these tests are pointless, so she said she would help me with the answers I thought “Cool, she is really nice.” She gave me the answers to some of the problems, and then I had it graded. I go a 15!!!! Not only that, but I found out that 2 of the problems that she made me change; I had the right answer originally. Her reaction was “Wow kid, better not listen to me in the future.” Earlier that day she bent over (she is a rather large woman by the way) and actually ripped her pants about an inch and a half from my face (not a joke!!!). It was traumatizing. That is just a little bit of what happened to my, but if I told you the whole story then this post would be way too long. My first day on a job is always something. On my first day at my last job I cut my hand, went to the doctor’s office, and had to file workman’s comp. all in the first day. Well I have to be getting to bed. I have work in the morning (on my day off sadly), and take more of those “fun” tests. I’ll be around to comment a little tomorrow evening I hope. I have to write an 8 page report for English that is due on Thursday, tomorrow. Later
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