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Thursday, May 31, 2007

   Sorry I will post later but enjoy my dolly♥^^

elouai's doll maker 3

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Monday, April 16, 2007

don't click this link...


Well I am furious cuz you know what is sad that the people that should be family talk about you like in those sick teen dramas.>_<. My so called cousin is talking about me behind my back and i know this cuz well she is a jv [junior varsity] cheerleader and well talks smack about me with the varisty head cheerleader but she the captain knows me and she is one of the nicest people i know and told my mom who told me. Well i am not mad cuz she is talking bad about me i am mad that she is telling her lies like that i am a punk/goth and eversince i started to hang out with my friends i changed. well honey all that are lies from her fake ass mouth i am sorry for my language but it is true i hate her now. and she still has the nerves to ask to go the movies? wtf? she is a bitch i hope that karma gets her like the evil WHORE!! that she is well hope everyone out there are doing great.^^


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Friday, March 30, 2007


well hello how is everyone well nm here except.


    the guy is the first guy i talked about the great guy is a new guy.tee hee. i am going to talk to him tommorrow.

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  • Wednesday, March 14, 2007

    Not so happy

    Well that guy well he got my number somehow and now every text and every call i answer then cry. Why doesn't he leave me alone? Is he trying to hurt me more? Please I just want it to be over I can't take it anymore. all i ask god is for him to tell me why he insist on calling and existing to me. And maybe I would be fine but wait won't it be jsut worst? for me to think that everything is fine when in reality it is not? hmm i don't know i shall bug my phycologist about it on thursday and yes i go to a phycologist but for another reason. Have you ever wondered that phycologist have the most problems not jsut math books.lol. yeah they take their patients problems home to their family i know this cuz my cousin is one and she is always nagging about that. and i want to be one when i get older. wow i want to be one yet i have one.lol. and wow i started out like all depressed now i am rambling about some other stuff.haha. well i shall ramble about pie. mmm i love apple pie. :D is cheesecake pie? it is like one of those world mystery like what came first the chicken or the egg.lol. well i feel as if my page needs something. but what? any suggestions. cuz i feel it is bland and it is missing something. but what well as i said before i take suggestions ok. well i am off.


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    Sunday, March 11, 2007

    Well hello there first thing first the guy i keep talking about well he has a girlfriend [not me] when i first found out i was like "oh ok cool" but when i got home i cried cause seriously wouldn't you cry if the guy you like alot tells you that he loves you then you find out that he is with someone else. Seriously i even wrote a crappy poem of him. here it is
    I hate you to the core.
    I hate you because I bleed for you.
    I hate you for being you.
    I hate you for alot of stuff.
    I hate you for everything that is happening.
    You are just playing me.
    You think I am your toy.
    You know you can manipulate me.
    You are never going to change.
    You are now inept to me.
    I will curse your name.
    I hate you
    I will always hate you!
    Why did you came into my life!
    Answer me.
    So I cut my wrist everytime when I see you online.
    Just so I can sleep easily to know
    That my pain will never be soon forgotten.
    What I will do to be with you.
    Yet you are not even noticing me.
    Fuck you!
    Go away!
    I never want to speak to you again!
    And if that happens
    I will feel like a piece of me will be gone.
    You said I LOVE YOU
    But to me it is just another eight letter word
    So it is BULLSHIT!
    Prove it!
    Everytime I talk to you IM, whatever
    And everytime you are gone
    I cry for what you said.
    You try to avoid talking to me
    I just wished you would just tell me "I LOVE YOU"
    And actually meaning it.
    Not through IMs
    Tell me.
    I know it is cheesy but true
    I hate you for everything
    I wish I could erase everything
    The things you make me do
    The things you don't make me do.
    Everything of you
    but if that happens i would feel empty
    I hate you




    crappy huh?
    well in other news i lost in the science fair regionals because they vandelised my board. BASTARDS I SAY I SHALL FIND THEM CUT THEM AND THEY WILL BLEED LIKE BLOODY HELL!!!!!lol.
    Well i will comment more when i get the chance maybe all week since i have spring break.halaluya!excel wooh!and oh yeah i got a new look wooh! i will post pics laterz.

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    Monday, February 26, 2007

       hiya i am alive!

    hey well right now i am at skool doing m lame ass project that sucks lemon balls like hell.
    >-<. more than likely i will post later or after regionals like around saturday midnight f i am up.lol.i will! i try to post but alas i am lazy.
    <(o.0<) <(o.o)> (>0.o)>
    well laterz ppl

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    Sunday, February 18, 2007

       I love him but will it ever happen?

    OMG RIGHT NOW I AM SO HAPPY!!! I FINALLY TOLD HIM HOW I FEEL AND FEELS THE SAME WAY. but sadly it will never be an us just him and me not a couple but 2 ppl that like each other alot oh well ::tear:: i really do love him ever since 3 months ago i really do love him but he even said it won't happen even if he feels the same way. TT^T.

    well anyways how are yall? good i hope well alot has happened like what is up there.^^^^. well i am doing science fair regionals and the stress is killing me like alot der.lol. i don't know what to post right now because i am happy and sad at the same time so message me or something to let me know you guys are alive. kk.

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    Friday, February 2, 2007


    ok i don't have time to post so here is a pic it is funny

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    Wednesday, January 31, 2007


    omg i am at school and so effin bored like alot well today is horrible because a friend is mad cause i am mad at her for breaking or rather ripped my suspenders and now she was talking about it behind my back well i say " she who spreads bad karma will get it 3 times worst" which is sad cuz i am not that mad and she is making a big fuss about nothing. well i update more on my site later so what you think so far? i am still adding stuff so no worries loves well i shall watch naruto episode 218. :D and maybe b=deathnote since i finished my work and have 1 hour of freedom!!!! yay!!!!
    well g2g talk to you guys later [♥] yall bye.

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    Sunday, January 21, 2007

    Break my Sanity Since You Are So Controversial

    Well first of all hi ppl lately I haven't been online and if I was I was too lazy to post. I know lazyness got to me.^^. Well in other news I am sane!!!! I got my results and I am sane!!!!!!!!!!! Me so proud.^^. This week has been stress for me 1 my science project [which is due on monday.] And my teacher was getting to stressed out she was like all over the place. And student brought food to class. Vienna Sausages? Jelly? Bread? Cabbage? It was too weird on the other hand I was not counted tardy for it due to her going insane with the class.^^. And omg we had a cold front and we still went to school which sucked lemon balls big timez. We could at least could have gone later but no.grr. on friday it was funny like alot. My friends Tetra q945 and Neko Luver well went to Barnes&Nobles to buy what else manga!!!! Well we were minding our own business when we noticed we were being followed by these peoples we didn't know. I say it had something to do with us wearing anime like I was wearing a Gaara shirt and the sand village headband but kakashi style Neko Luver was wearing a Kakashi shirt and the leaf village headband hinata style [she envied me for the fact I could do the Kakashi style with the headband.^^. And Tetra was wearing well going punk but still standed out alot. And we KNEW We were being followed where ever we went they went we even went to the bathroom and the 3 girls were following us!!! [note: there was 7 ppl in total 3 girls and 4 guys] So we let it go.^^. That was my friday Saturday was more funny I was with my cousin and well she has this cousin [no blood related to this one] that wants to talk to me well I didn't know that at the moment and well she left me alone with him and well we hit it off [no like that as in friends] he is nice and funny. And I hope we talk soon. After that we [my cuz and I] made burgers mine was tofu though I am a veggie.^^. well that's about it


    1.] what should be my new theme.
    2.] theme
    3.] THEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry I don't know what to ask and I want to make a new theme I am thinking of deathnote but pleaz your opinions matter to me.


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