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Monday, April 16, 2007

don't click this link...


Well I am furious cuz you know what is sad that the people that should be family talk about you like in those sick teen dramas.>_<. My so called cousin is talking about me behind my back and i know this cuz well she is a jv [junior varsity] cheerleader and well talks smack about me with the varisty head cheerleader but she the captain knows me and she is one of the nicest people i know and told my mom who told me. Well i am not mad cuz she is talking bad about me i am mad that she is telling her lies like that i am a punk/goth and eversince i started to hang out with my friends i changed. well honey all that are lies from her fake ass mouth i am sorry for my language but it is true i hate her now. and she still has the nerves to ask to go the movies? wtf? she is a bitch i hope that karma gets her like the evil WHORE!! that she is well hope everyone out there are doing great.^^


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