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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Well hello there first thing first the guy i keep talking about well he has a girlfriend [not me] when i first found out i was like "oh ok cool" but when i got home i cried cause seriously wouldn't you cry if the guy you like alot tells you that he loves you then you find out that he is with someone else. Seriously i even wrote a crappy poem of him. here it is
I hate you to the core.
I hate you because I bleed for you.
I hate you for being you.
I hate you for alot of stuff.
I hate you for everything that is happening.
You are just playing me.
You think I am your toy.
You know you can manipulate me.
You are never going to change.
You are now inept to me.
I will curse your name.
I hate you
I will always hate you!
Why did you came into my life!
Answer me.
So I cut my wrist everytime when I see you online.
Just so I can sleep easily to know
That my pain will never be soon forgotten.
What I will do to be with you.
Yet you are not even noticing me.
Fuck you!
Go away!
I never want to speak to you again!
And if that happens
I will feel like a piece of me will be gone.
You said I LOVE YOU
But to me it is just another eight letter word
So it is BULLSHIT!
Prove it!
Everytime I talk to you IM, whatever
And everytime you are gone
I cry for what you said.
You try to avoid talking to me
I just wished you would just tell me "I LOVE YOU"
And actually meaning it.
Not through IMs
Tell me.
I know it is cheesy but true
I hate you for everything
I wish I could erase everything
The things you make me do
The things you don't make me do.
Everything of you
but if that happens i would feel empty
I hate you




crappy huh?
well in other news i lost in the science fair regionals because they vandelised my board. BASTARDS I SAY I SHALL FIND THEM CUT THEM AND THEY WILL BLEED LIKE BLOODY HELL!!!!!lol.
Well i will comment more when i get the chance maybe all week since i have spring break.halaluya!excel wooh!and oh yeah i got a new look wooh! i will post pics laterz.

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