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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Not so happy

Well that guy well he got my number somehow and now every text and every call i answer then cry. Why doesn't he leave me alone? Is he trying to hurt me more? Please I just want it to be over I can't take it anymore. all i ask god is for him to tell me why he insist on calling and existing to me. And maybe I would be fine but wait won't it be jsut worst? for me to think that everything is fine when in reality it is not? hmm i don't know i shall bug my phycologist about it on thursday and yes i go to a phycologist but for another reason. Have you ever wondered that phycologist have the most problems not jsut math books.lol. yeah they take their patients problems home to their family i know this cuz my cousin is one and she is always nagging about that. and i want to be one when i get older. wow i want to be one yet i have one.lol. and wow i started out like all depressed now i am rambling about some other stuff.haha. well i shall ramble about pie. mmm i love apple pie. :D is cheesecake pie? it is like one of those world mystery like what came first the chicken or the egg.lol. well i feel as if my page needs something. but what? any suggestions. cuz i feel it is bland and it is missing something. but what well as i said before i take suggestions ok. well i am off.


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