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Saturday, January 6, 2007

   I tried to save a flower but it didn't pull through

hey well wow 2nd day in a row on posting *yay me* well yeah today my emotional distress hit hard when i cried during seeing this random person in myspace were her status said "in a relationship" oh well life goes on. and oh yeah this morning it was funny at 8:00 a.m i was called private and well i guess it was a prank call cause he or they tried to "smoothe talk" me to going to the movies with him. yeah right. I am not easy especially like that!!!!! and for my smartalley attitude they say i am conceited well i rather be conceited than be an "easy target". BUT I AM NOT CONCEITED!!! honedtly i am not. So yeah i am posting randomness here. lol. well i saw a squirrel closed up too. And i was dancing at the mall. People were staring though. Idunno why? And oh yeah i bought suspenders!!!!!I shall rule the world.MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *COUGH COUGH*


2. how was your new years. [ I know it is late ask]-_-;
3. what do you think of the word "sparkly"?

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Friday, January 5, 2007

   My dayzzZZzzZzzzZzzzzZZ

Hey well long time no post eh?lol. Wellshall we begins

December 31, 2006
Alot of nothing happened I guess. Oh yeah except me being sober till 18 well ejejej that promise was broken reasons are well everyone was having a good time and i thought it was a punch well no it was like an achohol beverage well one thing led to another and well i got drunk and well the rest was a blur and when i woke up i got up with a massive hangover. I had vomit and nauseas. not a pretty sight. well the next day the first of 2007 it was awsome except the hangover part. ewww. Well other than that pretty good.

January 2, 2007
Well that day was my boyfriend's birthday. oh eiii. well that day not only was it his birthday it was also the day he broke up with me. Well it was his cousin who did it for him. I was laughing at first (dont know why?) then i cried and cussed the phone and who happens to be on the other line Neko Luver. She helped me through it. And Kari Mushu too.^^. They are 2 of my best friends so pleaz visit their awsome sites. So yeah I have been moody ever since you can say. Jan. 03,2007
Well the day was ok at first then my mum and i were driving to see a phyciatrist. And no I am not going mental. The voices said I wasn't.lol. Well on our way mom started to talk about relationships and crap like that and then she said this "Bri when you get a boyfriend make sure he is well rounded, educated, and a hardworker and that loves you." and i thought to myself "i had him now he is gone." Ironic huh? she tells me this the day after he broke up with me. Well when we got to the phyciatrist well [flashback: i posted a while back about the smells that i am allergic too] well another ironic thing happened the office was painted a few days ago and it had the smell. so guess what i ran outside and oh yeah it was cold and me wit only a sweater.^^.me so smart.lol. so yeah i got sick. and i am sane!!!!*yay* yesterday was no fun so i wont post it.

oh here is my club i am making if you want to join pm me ok

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

   Mrry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone of yall in theO may it be a good one too.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


hey everyone well i am mad right now my reason is that tomorrow will be the last day before christmas holidays and they (school board won't let me in the school premisses much less the eighth grade hall. GAH!!!!!!!!! HOW I HATE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY THIS FUCKING WEEK SUCKED BEING ALONE IN A ROOM LIKE A MENTAL (WHICH I SWEAR I AM NOT) IS FUCKING GETTING TO ME!!!!!!! I WAS IN THIS SMALL ROOM ALONE DONG MY WORK AND I WOULD HAVE SOMEONE CHECK ON ME EVERY NOW AND THEN BUT THEY DON'T LISTEN I CAN'T STAND BEING IN A SMALL ROOM. I SWEAR THEY WERE MOCKING ME!!!!!!! and they call this program the "no child left behind" act!!!!FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK!!!!!!!I MEAN FUDGING COOKIES!!!!!!!!




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Sunday, December 17, 2006

   hiya ppl long time huh?!?!?!?

hey everyone well long time no posting huh?lolf. well alot has happened some funny some painful and some just plain weird. the funny one is too embarrassing to say so if you want to know pm me all righty then. let just say i am not going to abercrombie and fitch anymore.lol. well today was fun cause it was Neko Luver's birthday. wish her a happy birthday you guys. we went to her house and ate alot of pizza, ice cream, cake, chips, etc. we said we were going to leave rolling home.lolf. we played dance dance revolution and i sucked at it i play better when more people are around me. don't know why? and i took some analysis too. allergies i am basically allergic to everything.lol. on january the 8th i will take what i call a mental test. and also something else that i forgot and oh yeah i was poked with a knife in my widdle finger and blead.TT^T well i will post later. and where are my manners......how are you?
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Thursday, December 7, 2006

   this is funny shitaky

Ways to piss off (or just annoy) Naruto characters

1. Tell her she hates Naruto and loves Kiba. 2. Tell her Neji is her favorite relative. 3. Tell her she's to shy and needs to buck up and ask Naruto out, and quick b4 that Sakura chick gets him!
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Saturday, December 2, 2006


hey well sorry i didn't make the post earlier in the week but yeah i was busy and such. well to go into details about my faint i will start all over again. it started in passing period and as soon as i came to the room the smell of spraypaint got to me. it was horrible it was getting me high, dizzy, and an addrenaline rush. but luckly some idiotz were bored and pulled the fire alarm and it saved me. as soon as i got out of the building i couldn't take it no more and i fell and fainted. the rest i don't really remembered and i even asked my friends and they all answer weird (not good storytellers i guess.) well that was my fainting part as soon as i regain consciousness my mum spoked with the councelors, principle, assitstant principles, teachers, nurses, and security guards about my incident as i call it well my mum made them make an emergency plan so i wouldn't faint again. so for that day wenesday i stayed in the library and read the foloowing books rainbow boys, the holocaust ;a journey to death, big mouth and ugly girl, and you don't know me. all of them were awsome books i might say. well that was about it.

friday nothing much just flunked my math test.TT^T. GAH AGAIN I AM TELLING YOU PEOPLE I AM STOOPID. WELL G2G BYEBYEBYEBYEBYE

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hiya people how are yall? Well to make a long story short; yesterday people i fainted and was isolated in the Library the whole school day and it was AWSOME i was surrounded by books all day. Well to start off the same smell that got to me last time got to me now....er yesterday. they made an action plan that would prevent theis to happen to me again. well it is embarrassing to say but yeah had to share it with yall. well g2g next class to attend well i will write more later okies.^__^. oh and yeah i made a personal record through all week i only went on the computer once through the WHOLE ENTIRE WEEK. i am so proud. well byebye i will write some more later
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Saturday, November 25, 2006


hey well sorry for not posting much on thursday nor friday too busy complaing about stuff.lol. well thursday was thanksgiving.no duh. and it was pretty interesting my mum got mad cause i didn't eat. well i didn't eat due to the fact it looked inhuman and i am not a big turkey fan duh. other than that pretty good. oh yeah and i can't comment post they put up daily in theotaku you know the one adam or kei put up. well i can't comment them. *DAMN IT* and oh yeah i can't see wether or not people are online and it sucks cuz i can't tell unless the message me or something. >__<. if anyone knows what to do pleaz tell me ok. i am desperate for both. and oh yeah i am thinking of deleting my myspace and theotaku account for some reason.*shrugs*. oh yeah i was looking for an emo layout for my friend and all of the sudden i saw a layout with his pic and i started to laugh and he started to laugh. it was frickin hilarious and we found it on the emo section.lol.

friday was ok nothing special happened except the leftovers which i refused to eat. come on i didn't eat it the first time why did they expect me to eat it the second time? common sense man. well i went to the dentist and right now my teeth hurt like the living crap due to the fact i got them tightened. this month colors are black and grey. last months were the gay colors.<3.

saturday i am oing to practice.DAMN IT. and i don't really want to go.TT___T. well so far that is my saturday planning.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006


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