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Sunday, February 18, 2007

   I love him but will it ever happen?

OMG RIGHT NOW I AM SO HAPPY!!! I FINALLY TOLD HIM HOW I FEEL AND FEELS THE SAME WAY. but sadly it will never be an us just him and me not a couple but 2 ppl that like each other alot oh well ::tear:: i really do love him ever since 3 months ago i really do love him but he even said it won't happen even if he feels the same way. TT^T.

well anyways how are yall? good i hope well alot has happened like what is up there.^^^^. well i am doing science fair regionals and the stress is killing me like alot der.lol. i don't know what to post right now because i am happy and sad at the same time so message me or something to let me know you guys are alive. kk.

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