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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Break my Sanity Since You Are So Controversial

Well first of all hi ppl lately I haven't been online and if I was I was too lazy to post. I know lazyness got to me.^^. Well in other news I am sane!!!! I got my results and I am sane!!!!!!!!!!! Me so proud.^^. This week has been stress for me 1 my science project [which is due on monday.] And my teacher was getting to stressed out she was like all over the place. And student brought food to class. Vienna Sausages? Jelly? Bread? Cabbage? It was too weird on the other hand I was not counted tardy for it due to her going insane with the class.^^. And omg we had a cold front and we still went to school which sucked lemon balls big timez. We could at least could have gone later but no.grr. on friday it was funny like alot. My friends Tetra q945 and Neko Luver well went to Barnes&Nobles to buy what else manga!!!! Well we were minding our own business when we noticed we were being followed by these peoples we didn't know. I say it had something to do with us wearing anime like I was wearing a Gaara shirt and the sand village headband but kakashi style Neko Luver was wearing a Kakashi shirt and the leaf village headband hinata style [she envied me for the fact I could do the Kakashi style with the headband.^^. And Tetra was wearing well going punk but still standed out alot. And we KNEW We were being followed where ever we went they went we even went to the bathroom and the 3 girls were following us!!! [note: there was 7 ppl in total 3 girls and 4 guys] So we let it go.^^. That was my friday Saturday was more funny I was with my cousin and well she has this cousin [no blood related to this one] that wants to talk to me well I didn't know that at the moment and well she left me alone with him and well we hit it off [no like that as in friends] he is nice and funny. And I hope we talk soon. After that we [my cuz and I] made burgers mine was tofu though I am a veggie.^^. well that's about it


1.] what should be my new theme.
2.] theme
3.] THEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry I don't know what to ask and I want to make a new theme I am thinking of deathnote but pleaz your opinions matter to me.


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