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Sunday, December 9, 2007

This is an important message to everyone!

Today, Dec. 9, at 5 PM EST/4 PM Central time, Tin Man will repeat in it's entirety.

If you get SciFi Channel and missed most or all of it the first time, here's your chance to catch it - although they will undoubtedly play it again in future.

If you're going to be busy at that time, make sure you have a blank tape to record it, or a disc if you have DVR, or use your Tivo.

That is all ^^'

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Weekend Video Post
Thanks to everyone for the comments. Heh, this discussion could probably perpetuate itself endlessly, but since I would like to respond to what many of you have said, I'll do it in PMs.

I ended up squandering my time at the end of this week, and weekends mean parents home most of the day, so the DVD reviews will wait awhile.

Since people enjoyed the Threshold video I posted last time, here are a couple more for your enjoyment.

VIDEO #1: "Pilot In the Sky of Dreams" (Edit) from the latest album Dead Reckoning.

VIDEO #2: "Fragmentation" (Acoustic) from the Wireless fanclub CD.

I knew it! A Tin Man catagory has been started on Fanfiction.net, and there are already 55 stories posted.

It hasn't even been a week since it ended XD

I love fanfic writers...

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Lowering The Tone
OK, so I'm glad to see that I didn't personally offend anyone with my comments. I was expecting possibly a few people to say they liked Naruto, but I had no idea everyone would.

I have to admit that I haven't watched much more than a couple episodes of the series, so I'm no authority or even a mildly interested bystandard. I watched DBZ in high school, so I recognize the importance shows like that can have in drawing people into becoming anime fans. I suppose I've just passed that stage so long ago that it seems very foreign to me.

I also fell into the trap of acting like an elitist Otaku Nazi. I failed to realize that it's not just the scary 'Narutards' who are fans of the show. Those people deserve a little bit of ridicule, but again I wouldn't do it to be cruel.

So I think I've groveled enough now =P I know it wasn't completely necessary, but I wanted to clear the air.

We'll move from this now. Expect reveiws of the new Witchblade and Hell Girl DVDs.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Narutards Mini-rant
First off, some replies...

molletta - Heh, yes it's over. Just 6 hours in the end (less when you cut out commercials). Honestly though, I would've liked to see it go even longer. I don't think they milked it for all it's potential.
Now, go and watch it ^^

Nehszriah - I think they could've deevoted at least 5-10 minutes to more of a resolution.
Heh, I wonder how long it will take for the fanfictions to start appearing, but I'm sure they will. It'll be interesting and scary to see what ideas people come up with to play around with the story.

tsubusa - Doing reviews for theO would be nice... if Adam hadn't put the total moratorium on even suggesting we bring back that articles ><
I think Gail does a good enough job with the DVD reviews, I won't step in her territory.

Now, on to business.

I'm finding it harder to keep from saying something about this bit of news that Naruto broke into the Top 5 Yahoo searches. What bugs the living daylight out of me is how some people are reacting to it, screaming and shoting praise to Naruto like it's something that deserves adoration.

I think this line is the straw that broke my back (quoted with all mistakes included):

Official proff Naruto is the best anime ever ever ever. Whooot!


I don't want to go into a fit, but believe me when I say there are plenty of people who would be on this person's case in three seconds flat for daring to say that.

OK, I think I've had enough for tonight...

Well I knew I'd run the risk of putting my foot in it when I typed this post, and lo and behold that's exactly what happened.

Sorry Molletta o_O

So, if you happen to be a fan of Naruto, please try not to take anything I've said too personally. My need to rant overtook my caution.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tin Man: Part 3
Yes, you all must watch Tin Man. I, the great and powerful Oz, command... uh, I mean please do, it's a good show =P

Nehszriah - I tried not to give any spoliers, but it's hard. At least I didn't say HOW Cain winds up in the lake. You'll see for yourself when you watch.

Raina - Wow, I think your mom may have sheltered you a little too much.
Hm, I didn't know Australia had a version of SciFi that has different programming from ours. They need one standard version that has all the same shows.

Once again, an excellent episode tonight. I love how elements of the original story have been thrown in at various points in Tin Man, and this time we had the balloon (you know, the one the Wizard came to Oz in and then left again).

They even attempted to connect Tin Man directly with the original Wizard of Oz, suggesting this is more a continuation than a remake. It was an intriguing idea, but if you really think about it it doesn't quite work, as Oz and the O.Z. are very different places with surface similarities.

I suppose it could work, except you'd have to go back and alter the entire Oz story to reflect the changes made for Tin Man.

I have a bone of contention with the ending too. They resolved the major crisis, but then it ended way too quickly. There was not enough 'falling action' as they say in literaty terms. Here's an example: in Lord of the Rings, Frodo throws the ring into Mt. Doom; the conflict is resolved. But you still had a good 15 to 20 minutes of material after that.

I'm hoping that when Tin Man comes to DVD, they might add in bits that may have been taken out for time or whatever reasons.

Still though, it was an enjoyable enough story that I'd love to see it again (and again, and so on). The idea had originally been pitched as a full TV series before it was shortened to a miniseries, so the potential for more story exists. I have no doubt we will soon be seeing Tin Man fanfiction popping up online.

Yesterday was Tuesday, which means new anime purchases. Expect my continuing reviews of Witchblade and Hell Girl.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tin Man: Part 2
Comments from last time...

darkeangel: You didn't like Return to Oz?!? May Wheelers run over you a thousand times! Heh, just kidding.

Dark Phoenix: Oh yeah, this definitely takes a lot of original liberties with the story.

molletta: I figured I'd refrain from going into detail about the plot so I wouldn't spoil it for anyone who might want to see it sometime ^^

TimberWolf: I'm certain they will repeat it later this month, probably during a holiday marathon (which they do every year), and put it out on DVD, like they've done with every major miniseries (Galactica, Taken, Dune, etc).

Nehszriah: Not everything is to everyone's taste. I would be shocked if there weren't some people who said it was boring, or dissed it. But you should give it a try yourself. I'm enjoying it enough that I'll get the DVD when it becomes available.

Raina: Wow, I didn't think there was anyone alive today who hadn't seen the original Wizard of Oz.
Hm, do you not get SciFi Channel? If you don't, I give you my sympathy. Perhaps you can torrent it, if you are so inclined?

And now on to Part 2, which was definitely worth the wait. This episode really built up the story and revealed so much, especially the reason why Azkadelia became evil.

There was one major character added, in the form of Toto. Yup, the scruffy little dog is now in the story. Except he's waaaaaay more than just a dog. Heh, I'll keep the rest to myself to avoid spoilage.

And a surprise addition near the end... the Witch! Yup, the Wicked Witch does fit into the story, though in a way you won't see coming at first.

DG is beginning to awaken her memories and powers, and we also get a bit of backstory for Glitch, during a time when he still had his brain.

There was only one glaring discontinuity: at the end of Part 1, Cain wound up sinking into a frozen lake, but at the start of Part 2 he's just lying in the snow. No explaination at all as to how he got out of the water. Ugh.

Now all that's left is the finale, Part 3. Will DG find the Emerald and keep Azkadelia from using it to destroy the O.Z.?

*shivers in anticipation*

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Tin Man: Part 1
It's nice to know the Threshold video was appreciated ^^ They really are an amazing band. I hope they find a way to go on being amazing even with Mac now gone.

SomeGuy, I would love to see you create a figh-sequence video to that song. Hehehehe....

Tonight, SciFi Channel started their new original miniseries, Tin Man. It's a bizare, darker retelling of The Wizard of Oz. As someone who burned out on the classic film years ago, I'm really glad they've done this remake. It gives the franchise a real shot in the arm.

So, first I'll go over a few of the changes they made...

The O.Z. - The Outer Zone, a magical realm currently under control of the evil sorceress Azkadelia. It has two suns, and the major metropolis is Central City.

DG - Obviously the new version of Dorothy, DG is much older (in her 20s), and dreams of escaping the mundane life of her Kansas town. She's tough and won't back down from a fight, and over the course of Part 1, discovers some shocking revelations of her past and who she really is...

Glitch - Glitch is the scarecrow. He was a brilliant inventor and advisor to the old queen. Then the evil sorceress removed his brain, so now he can't remember much about his past.

Wyatt Cain - A former 'Tin Man', or police officer. Cain was also a member of the resistance against Azkadelia, until his family was attacked and he was imprisoned in a suit of armor, forced to relive that day over and over through a holographic projection.
He doesn't know whether his wife and son are alive or dead, and he desires revenge against Zero, the 'Longcoat' captain who ruined his life.

Raw - The cowardly lion. Raw is a lionine humanoid, and like all his people he has healing powers and empathic abilities, as well as the power to sense the future.

Azkadelia - The evil sorceress who took control of the O.Z. Among her powers is the ability to suck the life force from people. She is searching for a magical emerald that will give her ultimate power at the time of a double-eclipse.

The Mystic Man - The Wizard, he was once in charge of Central City, but now he is a broken man addicted to vapors made by Azkadelia. However, he gives DG an important clue that will help her on her journey.

I'm really enjoying this miniseries. I'm all for darker retellings of classic stories, and previous to this the darkest version we had was Return to Oz (which actually scared me as a kid).

Can't wait for tomorrow night and Part 2.

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

As I continue to come to grips with the fact that their longest-serving vocalist has departed, I've been listening to a lot of Threshold lately. While their original vocalist, Damien Wilson, is an excellent singer (and currently touring with them to fill the open void), Mac really became the 'voice' of the band.

So here I am to share the melancholy and nostalgia with you all ^^
Here's a clip from their Critical Energy concert DVD, which I can't believe I still don't own. May have to recitfy that this month...

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Well, I survived going outside...
I know, that sounds really terrible. I hate myself for having this anxiety problem, and I hope it's something I can work through. I beat it once, I should be able to again.

Anyway, I dropped grandma off at the doctor's office and decided to take care of my lab work right then, since the lab is just down and across the street. Unfortunately I ended up getting stuck three times; must be because it was a Monday. My veins weren't being cooperative, and the girl who usually draws my blood was having a hard time. She got it in the end though, which I'm glad for because that means I won't have to go back again. At least not for another two weeks.

By the time I drove back to the doctor's office, grandma had just gone in, so I waited with her for the doctor, and while she had her check-up. The doctor was concerned when grandma mentioned the fall she had on Friday, during which she whacked her head on the dishwasher. Even though grandma doesn't want us to make a big fuss, we should keep an eye on her and maybe take her in for a head scan if her headache doesn't go away. Playing it cautious.

So with grandma there to talk to as a distraction, my iPod, and the fact that I had a lot of other stuff on my mind, I managed to survive the trip without having any kind of panic attack. Let's hope this will point the way toward a recovery. For now though, having someone with me as a distraction is a good idea.

Thanks to all who care enough about me and my problems =)

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

What's that noise?
Uncle, his girlfriend, and the dogs left yesterday, so it's quiet around here once again...

Except for this high-pitched whine that seems to be coming from my computer, and I don't know why. As long as it doesn't blow up on me, I guess I'm OK.

I'm so low on space right now, I was asking if we could get to my 'Christmas present' in the next couple of weeks: a major upgrade on this thing. It needs more RAM and a second hard drive.

Tomorrow I'll be driving my grandma to a doctor's appointment, and then Tueday is another trip to the lab for my bloodwork. I hope the trips go smoothly, because my axiety problems have hit such a level lately that it's been practically impossible for me to go out on the road unless someone is with me. And even then, I have a hard time trying to reign it in.

I want to beat this, dammit! My life's been robbed enough as it is because of the infection and recovering from that. I don't need this on top of it all.

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