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Monday, December 3, 2007

Tin Man: Part 1
It's nice to know the Threshold video was appreciated ^^ They really are an amazing band. I hope they find a way to go on being amazing even with Mac now gone.

SomeGuy, I would love to see you create a figh-sequence video to that song. Hehehehe....

Tonight, SciFi Channel started their new original miniseries, Tin Man. It's a bizare, darker retelling of The Wizard of Oz. As someone who burned out on the classic film years ago, I'm really glad they've done this remake. It gives the franchise a real shot in the arm.

So, first I'll go over a few of the changes they made...

The O.Z. - The Outer Zone, a magical realm currently under control of the evil sorceress Azkadelia. It has two suns, and the major metropolis is Central City.

DG - Obviously the new version of Dorothy, DG is much older (in her 20s), and dreams of escaping the mundane life of her Kansas town. She's tough and won't back down from a fight, and over the course of Part 1, discovers some shocking revelations of her past and who she really is...

Glitch - Glitch is the scarecrow. He was a brilliant inventor and advisor to the old queen. Then the evil sorceress removed his brain, so now he can't remember much about his past.

Wyatt Cain - A former 'Tin Man', or police officer. Cain was also a member of the resistance against Azkadelia, until his family was attacked and he was imprisoned in a suit of armor, forced to relive that day over and over through a holographic projection.
He doesn't know whether his wife and son are alive or dead, and he desires revenge against Zero, the 'Longcoat' captain who ruined his life.

Raw - The cowardly lion. Raw is a lionine humanoid, and like all his people he has healing powers and empathic abilities, as well as the power to sense the future.

Azkadelia - The evil sorceress who took control of the O.Z. Among her powers is the ability to suck the life force from people. She is searching for a magical emerald that will give her ultimate power at the time of a double-eclipse.

The Mystic Man - The Wizard, he was once in charge of Central City, but now he is a broken man addicted to vapors made by Azkadelia. However, he gives DG an important clue that will help her on her journey.

I'm really enjoying this miniseries. I'm all for darker retellings of classic stories, and previous to this the darkest version we had was Return to Oz (which actually scared me as a kid).

Can't wait for tomorrow night and Part 2.

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