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Saturday, February 10, 2007

   Recap Time
As I try to finish listening to the new Anime Pulse episode and Adam's insightful interview before calling it a night, I reflect on the day.

I went down to the cable company and picked up a form of instructions for filling out an online application, which I'll look into this weekend.

At this point, I'd rather just get a decent-paying job and start making a living rather than going through this year of courses to be trained as a teacher. Unlike my parents and sister who all teach, I've never had the personality needed to deal with children/teenagers... even when I was one ^_^ And stress is not good for me at any rate. So it's becoming more likely in my reasoning that I won't persue this career option, at least just yet.

Well, back to the podcast and then to dreamland.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

   A Day Tempered By Bad News
Well, I'll not gloat too much over my personal victory of finding a copy of Rumbling Hearts Vol. 1. It's damn luck we have a local anime shop I can go to when Best Buy does it's moron act and decides not to carry a series. "Hard to find some of these japanese animations" the guy says... yeah right.

I had no idea about this whole AnimeFF fiasco until Adam began his reports on it. I've never been to a con, but hope to go to some nearby in-state, hopefully this summer.

But this... this is just wrong. It's hard to tell yet if this Jeff guy or someone associated with him was just running a scam of of this went so bad the guy decided to be a coward and take off with the money. And with so many clues left behind and so many people worked over by this, I don't see how they have a case. And I'm sure there must be federal laws for prosecuting scams running under the guise of raising money for charity. Whatever the outcome, I back Adam and my fellow Otuakuite to the end.

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Monday, February 5, 2007

   "Limited Availability"
Gah... I hate when I can't find something. In this case, Rumbling Hearts vol. 1. And the dreaded words "Limited Availability" on Best Buy's website don't bode well. That typically means our store is a nitwit and doesn't and won't be carrying that item.

With vol. 2 being released this week, I'm going back to check and hope I'm wrong. I could always special order them, but it's a major pain when you expect something to be available and it isn't. The extra trouble to get it is a hassle.

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Friday, February 2, 2007

   Upside/Downside: The Cutdown Version
Well, might as well start doing something to this site ^_^ Therefore I will start with a condensed version of a recent online journal I wrote.

Upside: Getting closer to figuring out what to do about a job. Possibilities are - 1) Newspaper, 2) Cable company, 3) Going through the process of getting a teaching certification, which I can do having received a BA in English.

Downside: Decided to get Berserk DVD set, and ended up hating it. $76 wasted. Hoped to maybe get a trade in deal on something else.

Upside: Took Berserk back, got store credit, and used that to get Full Metal Panic set instead.

Upside: Anime Pulse "Would you like to see my Bankai?" shirt came in the mail.

Downside: Shirt fits well but is a bit longer than I like. This is why I rarely order shirts since I can't try them on first.

Upside: New month means new money, and the ability to get a 2nd hard drive so I have enough space for making AMVs. More on this soon...

So that's about it for now. Hopefully I'll have more too talk about in the not too distant future.

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