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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tin Man: Part 3
Yes, you all must watch Tin Man. I, the great and powerful Oz, command... uh, I mean please do, it's a good show =P

Nehszriah - I tried not to give any spoliers, but it's hard. At least I didn't say HOW Cain winds up in the lake. You'll see for yourself when you watch.

Raina - Wow, I think your mom may have sheltered you a little too much.
Hm, I didn't know Australia had a version of SciFi that has different programming from ours. They need one standard version that has all the same shows.

Once again, an excellent episode tonight. I love how elements of the original story have been thrown in at various points in Tin Man, and this time we had the balloon (you know, the one the Wizard came to Oz in and then left again).

They even attempted to connect Tin Man directly with the original Wizard of Oz, suggesting this is more a continuation than a remake. It was an intriguing idea, but if you really think about it it doesn't quite work, as Oz and the O.Z. are very different places with surface similarities.

I suppose it could work, except you'd have to go back and alter the entire Oz story to reflect the changes made for Tin Man.

I have a bone of contention with the ending too. They resolved the major crisis, but then it ended way too quickly. There was not enough 'falling action' as they say in literaty terms. Here's an example: in Lord of the Rings, Frodo throws the ring into Mt. Doom; the conflict is resolved. But you still had a good 15 to 20 minutes of material after that.

I'm hoping that when Tin Man comes to DVD, they might add in bits that may have been taken out for time or whatever reasons.

Still though, it was an enjoyable enough story that I'd love to see it again (and again, and so on). The idea had originally been pitched as a full TV series before it was shortened to a miniseries, so the potential for more story exists. I have no doubt we will soon be seeing Tin Man fanfiction popping up online.

Yesterday was Tuesday, which means new anime purchases. Expect my continuing reviews of Witchblade and Hell Girl.

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