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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tin Man: Part 2
Comments from last time...

darkeangel: You didn't like Return to Oz?!? May Wheelers run over you a thousand times! Heh, just kidding.

Dark Phoenix: Oh yeah, this definitely takes a lot of original liberties with the story.

molletta: I figured I'd refrain from going into detail about the plot so I wouldn't spoil it for anyone who might want to see it sometime ^^

TimberWolf: I'm certain they will repeat it later this month, probably during a holiday marathon (which they do every year), and put it out on DVD, like they've done with every major miniseries (Galactica, Taken, Dune, etc).

Nehszriah: Not everything is to everyone's taste. I would be shocked if there weren't some people who said it was boring, or dissed it. But you should give it a try yourself. I'm enjoying it enough that I'll get the DVD when it becomes available.

Raina: Wow, I didn't think there was anyone alive today who hadn't seen the original Wizard of Oz.
Hm, do you not get SciFi Channel? If you don't, I give you my sympathy. Perhaps you can torrent it, if you are so inclined?

And now on to Part 2, which was definitely worth the wait. This episode really built up the story and revealed so much, especially the reason why Azkadelia became evil.

There was one major character added, in the form of Toto. Yup, the scruffy little dog is now in the story. Except he's waaaaaay more than just a dog. Heh, I'll keep the rest to myself to avoid spoilage.

And a surprise addition near the end... the Witch! Yup, the Wicked Witch does fit into the story, though in a way you won't see coming at first.

DG is beginning to awaken her memories and powers, and we also get a bit of backstory for Glitch, during a time when he still had his brain.

There was only one glaring discontinuity: at the end of Part 1, Cain wound up sinking into a frozen lake, but at the start of Part 2 he's just lying in the snow. No explaination at all as to how he got out of the water. Ugh.

Now all that's left is the finale, Part 3. Will DG find the Emerald and keep Azkadelia from using it to destroy the O.Z.?

*shivers in anticipation*

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