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Friday, December 7, 2007

Lowering The Tone
OK, so I'm glad to see that I didn't personally offend anyone with my comments. I was expecting possibly a few people to say they liked Naruto, but I had no idea everyone would.

I have to admit that I haven't watched much more than a couple episodes of the series, so I'm no authority or even a mildly interested bystandard. I watched DBZ in high school, so I recognize the importance shows like that can have in drawing people into becoming anime fans. I suppose I've just passed that stage so long ago that it seems very foreign to me.

I also fell into the trap of acting like an elitist Otaku Nazi. I failed to realize that it's not just the scary 'Narutards' who are fans of the show. Those people deserve a little bit of ridicule, but again I wouldn't do it to be cruel.

So I think I've groveled enough now =P I know it wasn't completely necessary, but I wanted to clear the air.

We'll move from this now. Expect reveiws of the new Witchblade and Hell Girl DVDs.

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