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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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Shishou (03/11/08)

Hullooo! Since I added you on VV I thought I'd drop by and add you here too...Unless you are not going to be keeping up with this place...
Anyhow, I look forward to being pals.

Naideana (02/25/08)

Hey, it's me - Naideana!

Anyway, your site looks really professional! I love the colors! They make it easy to read but still keep a cool feel...In the words of the nineth doctor; Fantastic! *grin*

So...Haha! Nice occupation! Wait - it's a job?! You get paid for that?! No fair!

I know there's more to say, and I'll probably think of it all the second after I hit the send button, but at the moment I'm a bit spaced out and can't think of anything...

innocent heart (02/25/08)

^_^ Hello there timechaser! I was actually on my friend's site Jangalian and saw your username and thought, "hmmm...he sounds interesting!" XD lol. So I decided to come by and visit your site^^ lol.

XD haha, your occupation is a geek? ^_^ I should put that as my occupation as well! lol. Also, you have a wonderful anime list^^ I have only seen a couple of those animes^^; But yours is unique because at least you don't have "Naruto" on there. lol.

I saw your ecards^^ I think there very nice! =) I love making ecards in my free time! =)

Wow! So your a writer^^ That is so awesome! I LOVE to write stories. I actually was thinking about taking Journalism soon. ^_^ I hope you achieve your goal.

Haha, sorry^^; This GB signing got kind of long. I hope you don't mind me adding you as a friend^^ *bows* Please take care and may you be blessed in life^^

~innocent heart~
-find your heart's wish...

Jangalian (02/24/08)

Thanks for the visit to my site. Yes, I agree with you on your comment. I guess some of the things I said in that comment box would have made others angry, but most of those people are younger then me, and I'm not too worried about that.

Well anyways, thanks for dropping by, and it is nice to see older people here as well. Where in Florida are you?

Non Fiction (02/10/08)

Intriguing. So I see there are other Dr. Who fans residing here. With the main basis of this site being more anime/manga influenced (although a good thing) I never thought I'd find one here. But nevertheless I have. This delights me.

Well, I don't have what you'd call "a way with words," but I like what you've done with the place. Very cozy, I guess, if you can say that about some HTML coding. But oh well. -_-

Either way, you seem fairly interesting (which is a complement). Hope to keep in touch. Take care.

*Oh, and I also see you've met Le Kun. She's a catch, isn't she?

Vampire Luver (01/27/08)

hey i am lauren. we do not know each other but i just wanted to say hello. so hi. well ttyl and please e-mail me anything if you want.

ink.black.sky (01/26/08)

Yay! Ink can join the watercooler!! Thanks, man! So I like your site. It's all blueish. Nice. So, I hope you have an awesome day!

Posion Fangs (01/26/08)

→Ello the username is Posion Fangs I was just signing randomly in peoples gb today and came to find your site lovely background. Well if you ever stop by drop me a line←
*Po§ion Fang§*

Ashes To Ashes (01/19/08)

Oh my god a DoctorWho/Torchwood fan!
This is so cool!

The Shirt (01/14/08)

I haven't signed this? Shame on me. Well you know what kind of music I like and I have a good idea of what's in your preference now too. So... nice to meet ya! ^^

Lethean. Please use any nickname you want--long as it's sane. :P

Hope to keep in touch, Sir Daniel. *bows* I bid ya some fare-the-wellz. XF

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