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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

   oh when will things change?!?!
Wow...I think i will be able to go to school today, I didnt yesterday and the game I was to umpire got cancelled due to rain, so happy ending there, but now my sister has what I had, so It lives on... I am gonna be slammed with the makeup work I didnt already do, so without further blabbering...comedy!

Yesterday I heard the phone ring. Caller ID said it was another one of those stupid telemarketers...so I decided to play their game...I picked it up and said in a very consistant voice:

"Hello, thanks for calling my house. Your call means absolutely nothing to me, but here's my automated menu anyways. For service in English, Please hang up now *I hung up then* HA I cant even imagine what they were thinking...try that, if someone you dont like calls, say: For service in English, Hang up!

My next act...

So, you know how your favourite fast food places have your nice vanilla milkshakes, so after getting your order to-go, you get back into your car, but when you reached for your car keys, you casually set your shake on the roof of your car. SO you get it, and start driving down the highway. YOu start noticeing people apparently adorring your old '72 plugger car, you don't know why, just as you are thinking about why people are looking at you, the traffic light turns red, so you slam on your brakes, and whoo, your shake comes pouring down your windshield, and you are thinking, DAMN! That was one hell of a bird up there all right! Thanks~


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