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Thursday, March 24, 2005

   cough hack.....
yep, not feeling good again, I didnt go to school yesteraday, but the sorta good news is that it is NOT a sinus infection, at least it doesnt look like one...I am going to school today cause I am watching To Kill A Mockingbird the movie in class and I dont wanna miss it, Im not feeling much better though...I read TKAM for the last few weeks....anyways, that's all folks (heh)



Hey guys, Its 7 am, I am NOT feeling better, but WORSE! I am NOT going to school afterall, and my grandma is gonna give me a ride the the Dr-...Ah, omg...I am scared...look down VVVV!

Last year in History class, our class watched To Kill A mockingburd too, but the thing was I was only there for the first part, as I was now, but I got sick for the rest of the movie! THATS SO COINCIDENTAL?!


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