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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Yes, I am actually feeling better after being on my antibiotics for a couple days! One thing I cant understand is WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!?!??! I always get these stupid sinus infections...its like on a schedule...so stupid, but Im pluggin through it. I just watched last night's epi of America's Most Wanted...I never really realized how many fugitives there are around Washington, 13 most wanted, and there is even a guy from a case from California and the west coast that has connections to someone on the RCMP's (thats Royal Canadian Mounted Police's) TOP 10 list...an odd connection... If you WANT to, you can find out who's wanted around you...It could help get them arrested, you never know I guess....here's the site:

That's about it for now! ~~


Finally a non-boring survey!

Created by valuemeal2 and taken 65 times on bzoink!

The obligatory boring stuff... sort of
Most hated childhood nickname:Never had one, no one would DARE mess w/ me
Age you were when you hit your current height:Um, well, probably 12 seconds ago I hit exactly 5 ft. 10.02532 inches!
Speaking of height, how tall is your crush/sig other?Um, I'm not sure of that...it's been a while...
Your first favorite color, and how old you were when you liked it:Blue w/ Black, Last year
Favorite kind of cheese:Eh, Cheddar?
Favorite TV show you love to hate:eh what? Oh ok, Um....what?
Favorite kind of hot beverage:Hot chocolate for me
Favorite chord (I'm a music major, I had to put this one in):"Em" I guess...
Favorite musical instrument:Guitar ^ ^
Favorite brand of toothpaste:As long as it cleans, I dont care
Favorite kind of sandwich:um, with food in it.
Favorite method of travel/transportation:Car, it rocks
Favorite means of expression:*thinks* "**" Words!
Favorite Broadway musical:Smokie Joes Cafe (closest thing to a fave)
When's the last time you...?
Ate something you hate?Dirt? and --- never
Did someone a favor?Helped cops arrest a bad guy! That was 3 years ago!
Felt like you'd really accomplished something big?First pilots lesson on July 31st 2003
Missed your parents?not really...never gone away for long
Spent longer than two hours talking to the same person?Chatting to some myO ppl
Wrote/recieved an actual letter (not a bill, not an email)?To the El Salvadoran guy in LA
Felt like everything was going really really well?yeah, most of the time im outta school!!!
Felt like you'd failed?Never
Stopped to smell the roses-- literally?if they smel good
Spent way too much money on something totally dumb?Yeah, $8 for a paper airplane!! >_
Enjoyed doing homework?NEVERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

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