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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

   Thanks for my childhood
It's funny to think I made this 7 years ago. Which would have made me like 9. XD I'm listening to old j-pop songs and it made me think of myotaku and I was like "I wonder if I still know the password" and apparently I do.
This was one of the biggest pieces of my life a few years ago. It's really sad nobody updates anymore. I've been so caught up in life.
To make this even better I just got super into anime again all of a sudden.
If ever you need me for any reason, I do intend on checking this site every so often. Anything more immediate message me on tumblr!: misguidedlittleghost.tumblr.com

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

   I just love all of you okay?
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wow. I can't believe even after like 5 years I still know my password, and I still try to post. I've been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO busy. My best friends cousin tried to kill me. I don't know how my best friend feels. School is stressful. Blah blah. Just wanted to check in for a minute. Ah well. More shall be posted soon <3
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

   Ohh Myy Goshh
Mood: Stressed.
Listening to: The Silence by Mayday Parade
So muchh has happened. I went out with tht friend of mine hahaa :) We lasted i think, almost a month xD and then i discovered his cousins a bitch and started lying and it got painful so we broke up :/
He's still my best friend though ^-^
School wise, I'm totally failing algebra. I have an A in everything else tho. Hahaha :D <3
I miss the days where I'd post something as soon as I got home. <3
Life has been so stressful lately :/ I really wish I were back to being 5 years old, where the biggest problem was somebody had stolen my crayons. (Bastards. Stealin my crayons... >.>)
Hahahaha <3 Ooooo! I got new crayons the other dayy!! :D
Anddd the day after that I had my first kiss at the mall ;) It was amazing. I loved the guy, the moment was perfect, and even though we broke up before then, all felt right (well, I think ya kno who it was with ;))
I just noticed. I tend to post when I'm stressed. Oh well. Hahaha~
Grawrr! <3

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

   ahh, confusion...
Mood: Confused. confused, ditzy Pictures, Images and Photos
Listening to: Party in Your Bedroom by Cash Cash.
Well. Haven't posted in a few weeks. And its been a very exciting week xD. Okayyy. Well, I've started to develop a crush on a friend of mine, but i still for some odd reason, rllyyyy like harley (who is now dating a friend of mine -.-). Ok welll. For some reason, my friend had his hand on my thigh during 6th period while we were sitting down. Harley just stares at us, and then "accidently" hits me w/ a ball. (we were in gym playing a game.) Okk so then we sit down again and my friend makes me drag him across the floor when its time 4 7th period. He's rlly heavy and my arm is still in pain xD
*sighh* i'm done w/ all this, I swear.
Lets seeeee.. wat else to tell u....
Ooh. We took 3 different career tests. 2 of them told me to be in the arts or drama or music. The other told me tht prestige was very important to me xD
RAWR i g2g my sis wants on the damn comp -.- ttyl

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2day was much better.
aside from the fact tht i think im sick.

Anywayyyy haha carter threw a paper clip at my eye rite b4 algebra, so i chased him around the classroom. Carter decides 2 cheat and hides behind Harley. Carter then decides 2 tell me tht he's sorry and didnt mean it, while he begins playing w/ Harleys hair. Harley goes WTF and i walk away laughing xD

It was oh so exciting! :D xD nothing other than tht rlly happened, except the scrape on my knee hurts and i shouldn't have worn skinny jeans :)

Well i think i'm gonna start on my english project

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mood: Heartbroken? Photobucket
Song: Killing Loneliness by HIM

I hate the world (except not u guys. I love ya'll :D) The other day I bruised my foot rlly badly. I slammed a car door on it (accidently) and like a third of my foot was black.

Yesterday, I discovered Harley is a horrible, misleading boy (i dont think he does it on purpose tho...)

and today, i was walking a dog w/ my sis, my bro, and my bro's gf. Ok, well the dog started running, so my bro told me 2 run w/ it. And i did, but i slipped and fell onto the grass and the dog started pulling me, until it realized I was lying in the grass. Yeah. I scraped my knee and now there's a hole in my best jeans. Oh joy. Haha :) It was alot of fun tho.

Gahh I haven't posted in so long~!!! This feels so weird 2 me :)

Rawr I gotta start on english hw -.- 8th grade sux. Ttyl? :)

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ahh im tired and i feel sick :/ but oh well.

yesterday was tons of fun! I went to the mall w/ my friend Sebastian and i got to drag him into Forever 21 and Claire's XD

yup yup. Going 2 Dad's 2morro, prob gonna murder Griffy as well. But idk :P

ughh im gonna lie down. ttyl.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

   long time no post :)
srsly its been like months.

Well since i didnt post on my bday, (which was almost 2 months ago), IM A TEENAGER!!! :D y this makes me so happy, idk.

So i logged on 2day and i noticed its been 4EVER since any1s rlly posted. And thts actually kinda sad.

Wat happened 2 the days when i could log on and read a million different posts back in '06??? :(

oh well. Cant rlly do anything about it now can i?

ill prob post 2morro :)

until then, ttyl.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hey guys.

Well i've apparently home sick w/ the flu. Ughh. Haha i'm actually starting 2 miss freakin school. At least there i can write all over other ppl's papers and pretend 2 pay attention. Ughhh i HATE being sick!!!!!!! >.< can't go back 2 school till thursday either.... rawrrr. Hahaha well i'm gonna go lie down, ttyl~

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