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Saturday, June 9, 2007

2 b-days
First of all,Happy b-day Chris!!!!!!(My bro)and also,Happy b-day Itachi!!!!!!!!!!!

I really don't have much to say today.Um....

I went to the mall!!!!!I bought volumes 13 and 14 of Negima and a Sasuke t-shirt.When I went to th mall on Sunday,I bought this manga called Princess resurruction(Sp?).It's really good.U guys should read it.Lets see....what else??Oh!!On Monday I spent the night at Sam's house,and we went swimming on Tuesday.I didn't know how to swim,and i'm only about 5 ft. tall.So,I touched the bottom of the part of the pool that was 6 ft. deep.With my hand.I jumped in about 4 or 5 times as well.So,I can swim now!!!BTW,if ur a friend of HinataNaruto,her account was deleted by me.She told me to cause she didn't want her mom or dad to know she had an otaku,since they found out her sis had a gaia and almost killed her.So,I deleted it for her.Well,i gottta go!
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Friday, June 1, 2007

Today is my birthday!!It's also Yuna Akashi's and Mikoto Uchiha's.Cool,huh?I don't get presents till i'm back at my mom's house,which sucks.Gomenasai for not being on lately.I'm changing my theme to Akira Okouchi from Mahou Sensei Negima soon.How have you all been???Oh,when i went over to Sam's house,we did prank phone calls!!It was so funny.Ok,guess who's getting Naruto Collector 3???Me!!!!!Wee!!I got $20 yesterday.Um.......got nothin else to say,so pics!
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I'm alot like her.Sad,depressed.It's like no one knows i'm there...
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in class...
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well,gotta go!

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ok,Tuesday was graduation,and my dad came.After the speech and stuff,we were allowed to eat.Me and Sam went strait for the lemonade.Saher called us pigs.I introduced Sam and Saher to my dad.When Saher left,my dad pulled out an ipod from his pocket.It was for----Me!!!!!!!!I already have 174 songs on it.Yesterday,We went to the skating rink for a school thing.I couldn't skate,so Sam was trying to teach me.Saher ditched us,just because she wanted to go fast.Sam did too,but she stayed because she's a good friend.We were by food the whole time!!!!!I spent a dollar on a coke.We ate so much i'm still sick.Me and Sam played 2 games of air hockey.Guess who won.Sam.So yeah---it was fun.Jacob gave me a dollar at the end cause i was dying of thirst.And when Sam had to leave,Saher bought me candy.^_^.Oh,before i forget,Thank u soo much for 600 hits!!
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Today was my last day in 5th grade!!!!!!Wee!!!Summer Vacation!!!!Saturday i'm going over to Sam's house!!!We're going to have soo much fun!!!!I'm going to my dad's house on Monday!AND My b-day is in 5 days!!!!!!!!!Not including today.Weee!!!I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Weird.......So see any good movies lately???I haven't.TTYL everyone!!!!!!!!!!Note:Today she is happy.Be afraid.
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Soo true.....Pass it on!

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

I am soo bored!!!!!Theme is sadness....my current emotion...so,how have yall been??Yesterday was feild day,and we got to throw water balloons and i hit Brianna's face!!!!!!!!!!It was funny!!!!:P!!!!Gomenasai Brianna,not!!!!!hahaha!!!!I just started crying last night because Asuna was in a coffin....yeah...she died....when i saw Yue "Turn" on Nodoka I was wondering what i would do if Sam died and Saher turned on me.....I'd cry in class.....even though...most people would be happy...Gomenasai,I don't want u guys to be depressed to!!!!I like the song Gomenasai,it describes ssomething i hate talking about.....again,gomenasai!Hm....I wanna go swimming!!!I'll ask later.Sayonara!!!!!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Today in pe,we had a sub.She was such a bitch!!!We were playing kickball,and Saher was like "This sucks" and so I agree with her.Then the sub comes up to us and says "Girls,only truck drivers talk like that.Young ladies don't" So when she leaves we're like "Bitch!!We can talk however we want!" Then Saher's like "I can be a truck driver if I want to." It's the 20th century lady!!!!!!Girls have the right to say this sucks!Ha!!I said it again!!And whats she gonna do about?Kill me?Yeah right!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later on,at the end of the day,Andre says "Brenna,your face is ugly!"He probably thought i wouldn't reply.(At school,everyone thinks i'm sweet!weird i know.)I reply with "So? at least I'M NOT A monkey,unlike you." It was funny.Well,gotta go!
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Monday, May 14, 2007

   My life sucks
T)_(T (Note my "Itachi smile").Ok,so my life totally sucks!!!!!!I hate PE.We had to run laps the whole time for no reason. I didn't even do anything.I mean seriously!!!!!!!!!Ok,so me and Saher didn't "Run" we walked.And her brothers best friend offered her a ciggerete and some marajawana(sp???)ON MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!And her brothers friend and Sahers DAD went outside to go drink!Her dad was drunk!!!!And her brothers friend is only 15. It may just be me,but i think theres something totally wrong with that!!!!!!Just,wow. Oh yeah,i'm stopping my little story.Its to hard.Besides,no one probably liked it anyway.Lets see,what else?um.....OH YEAH!!!!!ONLY 7 1/2 school days left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Well,gotta go!
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Thursday, May 10, 2007

What is fear?
Mood:...not me.....different,but the same....blank...
What is fear?Why are people afraid of something that happens to EVERYONE?Why is that i wonder????

Anyway,sry i'm not on much any more,i'm just busy.My theme is Sakura and Ino:The rivalry and little parts of their friendship.

School ends on the 24th!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sadly though,i have to go to my grandparent's house this weekend T___T---BUT i'll be home at 6:00 PM on Saturday!!!!!Wee!!!!I'm not missing any anime this weekend!!!!Um....Oh yeah!!!Awesome news!!!On the 24th i'm also spending the night at Sam's house!!We're having a party.Though it'll only be me,sam,and saher.But Saher isn't allowed to stay the night.I've been bored lately.I forgot to do my homework on Monday and my teacher didn't even care!!!!!!I'm tired now......crap..........sleepy. OK i'm gonna go lay down now.
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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Do you really wanna know?
Time:4:00 Pm
mood:nervousPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Well,i'm gonna die.Remember the "Wax Museum" i talked about?Yeah,well thats tonight in about 2 hrs 30 min.I still have to take a shower,find shoes,eat dinner,and get dressed before 6:30. I'm changing my theme soon. Who should it be about??Maybe i'll dedicate it to the Kunoichi of Naruto.Maybe.Ok,back to the subject.My dress is pink!!!!God,i'm gonna die.Yesterday,I was soo nervous to say my speach I started crying,and since the person i was was sad,I ended up having the 2nd best performance there,Sam's speach being much better than mine.
Here's my speach:
"What did I do wrong?Why did my loved ones have to die?You see,my beloved husband Abraham died(Yay!).He was shot as we watched a play.My sons Tad,William,and Edward had died before Mr.President(Yay!!!!!!!!!!!).But my oldest son,Robert,is still alive.My mother died when I was 6 years old.My half-sister Emilie has accused my family for the death of her husband during the civil war.How I,Mary Todd Lincoln,miss my beloved husband.He would know what to do.I was criticized for being a Southerner,but most people are suprised to hear i'm against slavery.I do not think it's fair.When i tried to enterain slaves,I was criticized.After all i've done(like what?)!I've helped injured soldiers,and i throw Political Parties(Whats that?)once a week.On top of all thats happening,I have to go to a hospital for the insane.I'm not insane,people just think that because i miss my loved ones so much.I must go now,i've upset myself."The words in () are how I feel.Sam's speach was funny.

Ok,so this post is getting kinda long.Tuesday,I tied tape around my legs,and kept it on during school yesterday,and when i took it off,there were red marks on my legs,and 2 bubbles of skin on my legs,and there still there.

Crap,gotta go take a bath!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Emberissing(Sp?)!!!!!!!!!And My WORST Nightmare
mood:kinda emberassed(sp?),Kinda sadPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Um,well,t-today(I know what your thinking,Why am i acting shy??Because i don't like talking about this)w-we had to do a thing for the Wax Museum(A thing where we dress up like people in history.)and i was wearing a PINK DRESS!!!!!!!!!I hated it.And tomarrow,i have to say my speach in front of the WHOLE GRADE!!!!!!!!I'm gonna die.Actually,I think i ripped the dress when i was taking it off(Oh crap!!!!!!!!)I'm really dead now!!!!!!!*Cries*

Ok,my worst nightmare is coming True!!!!!!!!!!!!!This girl,named Amber(Total bitch!)is trying to join my anime freak(Saher came up w/ the title)club!!!!!!!!!!I HATE AMBER!!!!!!And Saher is OK WITH IT!!!!Who's side is she on?????????I didn't realize that she liked Amber that much Yesterday because I was only talking to Sam(Good friend,she is)But Saher was hardly paying attention to me in PE.Ug!!!The good part is,Sam is totally against letting Amber join!And we agreed that if we had to,we would give her the hardest anime test we can think of!!!And Since shes only seen Naruto,we'll ask questions about Bleach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It's perfect!!!!

OMG,Did u see the last episode of Eureka 7?????It was really good.I gotta go!!!

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Who wants to kill Cecilia and Ardiana?
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I'm ticked at Ardiana!!She said she hated everything from Japan,which means she lied about liking Naruto!!!!Grr!!!That pisses me off!!!Calm down,Talhoino,calm down.She also says she's rich!I mean,come on,if she was she would at least have enough money for contacts.As for Cecilia,we were playing football in gym.Saher had reading buddies,so she was late.She comes to where we were playing,and Cecilia says "Saher can't play!"and i'm like "Yeah she can!"So shes like "No" and i'm like "If Saher can't play i'm not playing"and then she says "You can't!Then we won't have enough players!!!!!!!! It ticked me off.I swear i'm gonna kill that bitch.
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