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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

   Ohh Myy Goshh
Mood: Stressed.
Listening to: The Silence by Mayday Parade
So muchh has happened. I went out with tht friend of mine hahaa :) We lasted i think, almost a month xD and then i discovered his cousins a bitch and started lying and it got painful so we broke up :/
He's still my best friend though ^-^
School wise, I'm totally failing algebra. I have an A in everything else tho. Hahaha :D <3
I miss the days where I'd post something as soon as I got home. <3
Life has been so stressful lately :/ I really wish I were back to being 5 years old, where the biggest problem was somebody had stolen my crayons. (Bastards. Stealin my crayons... >.>)
Hahahaha <3 Ooooo! I got new crayons the other dayy!! :D
Anddd the day after that I had my first kiss at the mall ;) It was amazing. I loved the guy, the moment was perfect, and even though we broke up before then, all felt right (well, I think ya kno who it was with ;))
I just noticed. I tend to post when I'm stressed. Oh well. Hahaha~
Grawrr! <3

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