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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wouldn't U like to know?
Ok,i had another test today.Yeah,it was the reading one,but i couldn't focus.I was too busy thinking about what Joe (A guy i know) asked me before the test this morning.What he asked isn't important,but it made me think alot.Yeah,IT'S NOT IMPORTANT WHAT HE ASKED ME!!!!!(thats a lie,it was really important)BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT!!!!!!!!So don't ask.Pls,that would annoy me.Um,anyone know a good site to download mp3s????????????????????????????IF SO TELL ME!!!!!!!!OR I'LL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If u don't,ok then.Lol,I gotta go,ttyl!!!
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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hi guys!!!!!!!!If u give me a present i'll give u one.U can use my tree at the top of the page.Yeah.I changed my theme yesterday,if u couldn't tell.Rofl,so what up?I had a practice taks test today,it sucked.Spanish(My new exploratory class)was actually funny.The teacher only spoke in Spanish,but some how i understood it.I'm smarterer than Aaron!!!Yay me!!!!!!!!lol,i had to do that.Anyway,back to Spanish.This kid named Evan said he was Michael Jackson and then someone said(I don't remember who)"What about Mrs.Michael Jackson?"So the teacher is like doing a romance scene in spanish between Michael Jackson and Mrs.Michael Jackson.Mrs.Michael Jackson's voice was like,really soft and girly.Then Michael Jackson's voice was all tough and the U-don't-wanna-mess-with kind of voice.So like,everyone was cracking up in Spanish.Alright,ill ttyl!!!!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

5 bucks!!!!!!!!!
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So,like,Aaron was soo sad about us shunning him he said he would pay me and Sharon $5 each!!!AND 5 favors,so i'm like I wonder if making him wear a dress counts as a favor??rofl.Tech Ed was boring,we talked about college and people finished presenting power points.I didn't really pay attention though....Damn u Harley!!!!!!!!Lol,i would never actually mean that....I know,i scare myself too.Lol,Yep.Um...........I like,won't be on till Friday,but i might not post........Yep.....Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Sweet!!I'm a Gemini!!
Um,Nii-san said he would download a few episodes of Naruto Shippuuden for me.....yeah,ill ttly.

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

   Half B-Day!!!!
Yay!!Yesterday was my half birthday!!!!I got a new CD(The Best Damn Thing,Avril Lavigne)Yay!!!!!!I'm totally addicted to Runaway!!!!!!!!!!Yep...also,if u have a myspace,and ur not already my friend could u pls add me??I want alot of friends!!!!Yay!!!!!Ok,yep.....uh....if u read this comment ok??um..................pie!!!!!!!What's ur favorite kind of pie????lol,I'm just bored!!!um...Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!
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Have a good day!!!

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

   Yum,Chocolate!!!Uh-oh.....Bob did it!!!!!!!!
So,we got the stuff from the fundraiser today.So,i ordered my daddy chocolate.But i sorta tried 1 peice,but it's addicting,so i ate it all.....I called my dad and he said it was ok,so that's nice.Um.....in 3rd period we watched a video about roller coasters,and there was one that looked suicidal to go on and the teacher asked who wanted to go on it,so i'm the only person who wanted to ride it. I was like "Me!!!Me,me,me!!!!!!!!!"And everyone looked at me like i was insane.It was funny.Then we went on a roller coaster simulation.It was pretty boring but oh well.8th period me and Sharon shunned Aaron (Who got unshunned) and Liz (Who i swear I will KILL!!!!!!!!!!)We unshunned Aaron cause he decided to work,but Liz is a bitch.So,I'm not looking at her.She's ugly.rofl. I'll ttyl!!
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ok,my life sux!!!!!!!!First of all,Harley knows i like him!!!!My friend Megan told me.I found that out yesterday.Today we played charades (sp?) and people chose what u were(they wrote it down on paper,put it in a box,and people chose from random) and I got a swimsuit model!!!!I was so mad.Anyway,during Harley's turn he walked right into the wall.It was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!Math was fun.Me and Sharon(we changed seats in class so i sit next to her now) were picking on short Aaron.When he went to get his book,we pushed his stuff off his desk.Then we took his paper and he kept saying "Please" like he was sad.It made me feel bad,so i got Sharon to give him the paper back.Oh yeah,K3ikO,I'll get to the questions as soon as I can!!Well,I better go do my math homework!!!!!!!
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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Minna-san!!!!!!!!!!I'm at home because my sister is sick (Cause of me)and we had to cancel our plans.So,i'm bored!!!If ur on right now pm me.So,nothin else to say,Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
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Monday, November 19, 2007

Time:8:30 am(I'm probably the only 1 up..)
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Listening to:Angels by Within Temptation
Ok,so no School for me today.I'm sick.It sux!!!I feel horrible!!!!And my left me to go take a test.So,i'm home alone.Yes,an 11 year old all alone,be afraid.lol.Yesterday,i tryed calling Sam,Rachael,and Megan.No one was home!!!Or they don't like me!!!!!Meanies!!LolmI have issues.Freakin Stomach.It made me wake up at 5:00 am.And i was puking until midnight.Oh!!And I missed Family Guy's 100th episode!!!S.O.B S.O.B!!!Damn!!!!!!!!!And the day before i missed Death Note!!!!!!!!!!*cries*.It sux i know.I really wish i could go to school!!(O_O,yeah scary)but at least there i could talk to my friends!!!!!!!My life sux!!!!I hope u guys have a better day than me!!!!
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Pls take this for me!!
Personal Quiz

Be completely honest.

What would you do if?
1. I was right next to you:
2. I kissed you:
3. I lived next door to you:
4. I started smoking:
5. I was hospitalized:
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7. I hugged u:
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

No Subject
u guys r mean.Wat?No comments???Meanies.I slit my wrists w/ a broken mirror for u guys.If u comment this u r a good friend.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

   I HATE People!!!
I now HATE ELISABETH!!Freakin meanie!!!!!!!!Sry,i would cuss,but i'm not as mean as Elisabeth,who wouldn't even zap me!!!!!!!!!C'mon,it's not that hard.At the end i the day I almost,ALMOST got into a fight with Sam about it.At lunch time,Hattie totally forgot i existed and was in her choir class,so i now hold a grudge against her.Wow,the only friends I have left (Other than my Girly friend Megan) r my friends from last year.It's totally messed up.But hey,who needs them??Not me!!!I still have pie!!!Lol,crap!!!I hope Elisabeth doesn't tell Harley i like him.If she does,Tomarrow she dies!!!!!!!!!!I can't count on anyone (Cept my Otaku buddies!!!!!!!!Yay u!!)

I understand art!!!!!!I'm almost done w/ my project and we have 2 more days to complete it!!I'm also doing alot better in Science.Yay me.

Monday night i was talking to Rachael on the phone and broke my mirror.There were lots of peices of mirror everywhere.So,i cut my right wrist like,almost everywhere.The next day everyone is like r u emo???And Jaime even called me a cutter.When Aaron and Megan found out at the end of the day they're like "R u seriously emo????" Aaron was just amazed ^__^.

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Aw,cheer up Sasuke-kun!!Then again,not even the Numa Numa dance is cheering me up,i've listened to it 50 times now...

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