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Saturday, November 10, 2007

   Help me!!!
Does anyone know where i can download "Can't help Falling in Love" by the A-teens???If so can u send it to me??I have to be able to download it for free...my email is Talhoino@hellokitty.com.Yeah,thanks for reading that.Onto last night.I went to Elisabeth's house,and we talked to ghosts.It was fun.Yeah,ummmm............oh yeah!!!Pie tastes good.So,um...what have u guys been up to??????Lol,sry,i'm bored.lol.U guys ever talk to ghosts,hm??lol,i like talking to dead people.I ended up talking to this emo ghost named Aubrey. She was very interesting.Oh yeah!!!I'll talk about School yesterday!!!!So,I was in art snd today was our last day to try to finish our project.I was only half way done.So this guy named Cesar started talking and annoying me. He also shook the table.I looked up from my project and growled at him.He asked "Are u the devil girl?" then i'm like "U wanna find out?"then he's like "Yeah." I stand up and then he says "No no no!!!!" So then he tells Sharon and Rachel "She's evil.She scares me." So then i start laughing. And then Sharon says "I think she likes it." So yeah. Also at lunch Rachel found out who i like.But i didn't finish my project.I either got a 0 or a 95. Those r the only 2 grades u can make.I probably got a 0....

Well,I gotta go be emo!!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Shunned and Zapped
So how r u guys??I'm good.Actually,I keep getting Zapped (Freaky game where u write someone's name on someone's hand and if they look at it before their time limit they have to ask them out) I was Zapped 5 times before 4th period!!!!And Strangely enough,most of them had Harley's name......So,yeah.And I got zapped again,this time by Sharon,and guess who's name was on it??Yeah,that's right.She doesn't even know i like him!!She said he was the only guy i didn't hate in the classroom,so i'm wondering how she knows who i hate.So then Rachels like look at it.It's not bad.Actually i wouldn't mind asking him out.I kept saying i wasn't gonna look at it and Sharon and Rachel got every other girl in the class (except Maddy-chan and Victoria-baka) to shun me!!!All cause i wouldnt look.It's totally messed up!!!It was only gonna go back to normal if i looked before lunch.I didn't.So at lunch,I became friends w/ Rachel again.Sharon i didn't even glance at during math.So yeah.My friends suck.lol,cept Sam and Elisabeth.I zapped my friend Erin today.And Megan.It was fun.I'm actually the loneliest girl at school.On the internet,i have my good old otaku buddies!!!Yay for u guys!!!!I feel emo!!!!Oh wait,i am emo.lol.I forgot ^_____^. Hmm....I wonder if Harley hates me???I hope not,but he probably does *sob*

Well,i gotta go be emo!!!Like this:
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She looks pretty ^__^

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

God Damnit!!!!!
Ok,here's what happened yeasterday.

So I was supposed to tell this girl named Julie who i like.She kneww i liked someone cause of Elisabeth (Read post from 2 days a go!)So yeah.So i was also supposed to tell Marcela.Anyway,i told Marcela in the beggining of advisory.I told her to tell Julie,who is also in my advisory.Then Julie's like OMG!He used to go to my school last year. He was the worst kid ever!" So i'm like "cool." Then Marcela was like "U like a bad boy,lol" Then my friend who DOESN'T know i like Harley comes in and we never spoke of it again for the rest of the period. We didn't do any work cause of Career day,cept for in art.Which is why i HATE ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We had to finish our projects!!!God!!!!!!!!!!Art would be my 3rd period.It sux,i HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!But yeah,that's all.I changed my theme!!To umm....loneliness!!!!


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Friday, November 2, 2007

Quick Post!!
Yeah,the guy i likes name is Harley.In my opinion he has an awesome name.This is gonna be quick,so i'll tell u about my day tommarrow.Anyway,it was Career Day.I'm too lazy to change my theme,plus i have to get off the computer in a minute.Like,now!!

Have a good day!!Sry it's really short....

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I may as well be dead....
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketLike this.So me and Cascade257 (Elisabeth) were talking about guys in Science.So she knows who i like.She said i liked him out loud without a u-know-who.So these girls turn around cause they heard.And they're like OMG!!And so i'm like "Well,She likes Aaron!!!"And so yeah,they know who the guy i like is,and if they tell him say goodbye to their pretty little faces!!!Waahh!!!No matter wat if he finds out i'll have to face this in 3rd period.I kept yelling at Cascade257 for not using u-know-who.I'll post the guy i like's name tomarrow.I don't feel like typing right now.Though if Elisabeth feels like commenting the name,u can read it in my comments.

Happy Halloween!!
P.S. I'm Evangeline!!

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Um....Please Reply!!Even a smple Hi Will work!!I miss u guys!!!
Yeah,i'm feeling lonely and depressed.That reminds me,my best friend got an account here,and she doesn't have many friends.Her name is Cascade257. BTW,she put that she lives in Arlington,but she doesn't :P. She goes to my school so,yeah.Also,Happy Early Holloween!!Lol,yea i must say Hollow-ween.Tomarrow,for a School thing,I'm going to the skating rink!!!It'll be fun showing people how much i suck at skating ^_______^.Yeah,also if u have a Zwinky,it's awesome,isn't it? I love it!! Yeah,this was a Random post,but u guys know me.I have so much homework these days,i hardly have time to post.It sux T___T.


Lol,sry bout that.I'll ttyl.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mood:Pissed off,nervousPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I have a concert tonight in Choir!!!It sux!!!Crap,what were the words to the song again??uhhhh.....never mind.Anyway,I had to borrow a plain black t-shirt from Sam.She is soo lucky she's in band.I'll mess up and do horrible.Horrible I tell u,Horrible!!!!*Starts hitting head on desk*Crap!!!!!It's in an hour and 30 minutes!!!!!!!!AND I have HOMEWORK!!!!!But,if i don't go,i fail choir.On the up side,i made a new friend today.Her name is Jaime,wait how do u spell it?????She's in choir so she'll be there tonight.oh!!And so will Erin,and Elisabeth,and Aaron(I know too many people named Aaron or Erin,however u wanna spell it.)So yeah. I better go,wish me luck!!!
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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Listening to:The Great Escape
by:Boys Like Girls
OMG!!I think i know who Aaron likes!!Cause Megan has a friend that likes him but he said he just wants to be friends he likes someone else anyway.So i'm like who??We'd all love to know.So hes like seriously?The wall!It's a beautiful wall.So i started cracking up during math.Good times,good times.Also he kept looking at Elisabeth during math so,yeah.

In non-boring news,I HATE Hattie Fletcher!!!!She is a Bitch!!!She keeps making fun of us and saying shes lying at lunch!!!!!!!!!Bitch!!!! I think i'm gonna start listening to My Chemical Romance.Are they any good??

I now have a reputation as a punk,as well as a goth.It is freaky!!!!!!!!Gotta go,

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hi Guys.....so now i sit at the same table as Aaron and this girl named Megan so Elisabeth is kinda jealous(She sits by 2 losers).

I got hit in the face today by a Volleyball.I didn't cry or anything,but when it happened everyone looked at me and asked if i was ok.So i'm like "yeah,it didn't hurt at all..."

crap gotta go!!Sry its so short

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Friday, October 5, 2007

mood:crappy,stressedPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Listening to:This is Who We Are
by:Hawthorne Heights
My friend Elisabeth has a crush on a buddy of mine.His name is Aaron,and i've known him for 2 or 3 years now.So,somehow Aaron found out.I only knew she had a crush on him for 2 days.Anyway,in the hallway,Aaron says "You're friends with Elisabeth Ashmore,right?" and i'm like "yeah" then hes like "And she tells u stuff" then i'm like "yeah,but alot of people tell me stuff" then hes like well,someone told me something" then i'm like "People tell u stuff alot Aaron" but before he could say anything else he had to go to class.So during this conversation i knew Elisabeth liked him.When I saw Elisabeth again in Science,she already knew that he knew.So she started asking me,cause im his buddy and,what he likes in a girl.And i'm like "um....idk" so,i've been stressed trying to keep Elisabeth's secret all day.The question is,how did Aaron find out???I'm the only person Elisabeth told....

Well,i better go.

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