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Thursday, October 22, 2009

   ahh, confusion...
Mood: Confused. confused, ditzy Pictures, Images and Photos
Listening to: Party in Your Bedroom by Cash Cash.
Well. Haven't posted in a few weeks. And its been a very exciting week xD. Okayyy. Well, I've started to develop a crush on a friend of mine, but i still for some odd reason, rllyyyy like harley (who is now dating a friend of mine -.-). Ok welll. For some reason, my friend had his hand on my thigh during 6th period while we were sitting down. Harley just stares at us, and then "accidently" hits me w/ a ball. (we were in gym playing a game.) Okk so then we sit down again and my friend makes me drag him across the floor when its time 4 7th period. He's rlly heavy and my arm is still in pain xD
*sighh* i'm done w/ all this, I swear.
Lets seeeee.. wat else to tell u....
Ooh. We took 3 different career tests. 2 of them told me to be in the arts or drama or music. The other told me tht prestige was very important to me xD
RAWR i g2g my sis wants on the damn comp -.- ttyl

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