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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mood: Heartbroken? Photobucket
Song: Killing Loneliness by HIM

I hate the world (except not u guys. I love ya'll :D) The other day I bruised my foot rlly badly. I slammed a car door on it (accidently) and like a third of my foot was black.

Yesterday, I discovered Harley is a horrible, misleading boy (i dont think he does it on purpose tho...)

and today, i was walking a dog w/ my sis, my bro, and my bro's gf. Ok, well the dog started running, so my bro told me 2 run w/ it. And i did, but i slipped and fell onto the grass and the dog started pulling me, until it realized I was lying in the grass. Yeah. I scraped my knee and now there's a hole in my best jeans. Oh joy. Haha :) It was alot of fun tho.

Gahh I haven't posted in so long~!!! This feels so weird 2 me :)

Rawr I gotta start on english hw -.- 8th grade sux. Ttyl? :)

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