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Friday, June 13, 2008

wow at lot of updates ^__^ If i dont get to you tonight i appologize

I have to say my first week went well but man am i tired! My childcare class is kinda like my nursing was in the fact that i cant say to much about it :( I have lab in the morning where i spend time doing activities with the children. So far it has emphasised that im not very comfortable around them but that was the point of taking the class, to improve how i act with and get along with children,

I am really enjoying my water fitness class. After our first workout- i know my goal of getting in shape is going to come true ^__^ I know the teacher from my first aid class i took last summer and the students are all really nice

My computer class... my sister helped me alot last time, but weve been getting out early. My teacher is alot better than my high school one that wanted us to figure everything out thourgh our neighboor...so far this class is ok though

My childcare class i think will be really interesting. I already know alot about children with disablities because i technically am one and have gone to class with a few that werer really good friends of mine. I am just hopeing to be able to apply it more to real life, such as in the nursing home. This class is at night though. I was proud of myself staying awake, but i was so asleep on the way home.

i went to the nursing home and it made me happy to see they were happy to see me back ^__^
I have some reading to do this weekend so you guys take care

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Friday, June 6, 2008

i dont normally update when nothing is going on, but i will respond to comments ^__^
Magnus- i already responded to you :)
3pointshooter- i would not be happy either, sorry about it but i hope it goes as well as it can
rose- i dont think i could do an online class, best of luck with yours, my ear is feeling better now
chibi- we have a train that runs through the city but it doesnt take passangers, i take the bus to school and sometimes get a ride in my moms car, i do get car/bus sick alot..
koon-glad things went well, enjoy your break and thanks for the luck

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

   i am feeling rather happy today
How are you guys?
Mizukage- Naruto:Clash of Ninga 2
Magnus- no test, i just dont want to have a big flubby stomach while i am wearing my bathingsuit
Elves- sorry you had to work, i hope this weekend is better

I just got back from the nursing home ^_^ We played Bingo. It is really nice weather here.
Piano playing is going well. I like my left hand is getting less stupid, haha. I start school on monday. I am excited. My only concern is falling asleep during my night class, but its only once a week. My ear has been bothering me, but no use in bother you over that. I hope it gets better soon, so i can stop saying "WHAT!!" to people...
You guys have a good weekend. I should be lurking around here during the weekend. For those of you finishing up school- enjoy your summer break. Any plans? see y'all

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

hey again!
Thanks for commenting Rose, i look forward to your update.
Welcome back Mizukage! it is good to see you

I had a very lazy Memorial Day weekend, piano playing, playing "Naruto" and "Arc the Lad" on the ps2

I am enjoying my volunteering ^__^ and am getting some good walking in. need to get in shape for me pe class in two weeks

talk to ya later

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Friday, May 23, 2008

hey guys, im so sleepy, the trains we extra noisy last night...
We should all pick a day, like Saturday? that we all post so then we can go around and check each others...:)
I went to my old high schools choir concert. It made me miss it even more, but i really enjoyed it and got to cheer on some of my friends. I have been doing alot of reading lately-Steven King and Darren Shan, as well as piano playing. I am almost finished with my favorite part of the One Winged Angel song and am learning the bass to Ode to Joy by Ludwig van Beethoven :) I have also been doing alot of volunteering, but they will be closed for Memorial Day weekend...

I have been job hunting, kinda...I really wanted to do my CNA this summer. I dont really think i will be able to work since i am going back to school in june but i am going to hunt. Any suggestions are nice.

you guys take care *hugs*

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Monday, May 12, 2008

*draws gasps from crowd*
Yup, I am having an official update today. You guys can find out what's going on with me and I hope to find out what's be going on with y'all.
The last months or so I was struggling to pass biology and my music class (Ear Training). I managed to get A's and B's, so I was really excited. But those were two of the hardest classes I have taken. My gov was easy- 98 the whole time. I really enjoyed my eng and my teacher seemed semi interested in my papers, or at least was more lenient. I really enjoyed my research paper that we did ^__^ how odd...

I think I have gain alot from my music class and hope it will help me with my piano playing. Whcih I will be starting again this summer ^__^ I have learned more than i ever wanted to, hehe, but i did enjoy it alot after i got past the panic of failing, frustration, and working my butt off aspect of it. I made some great friends...most of whom moved to be music majors in another college (im not a music major...) But it was great.

Update on the nursing: I passed the NET test ^__^ There is a possiblity of me getting in the Spring Semester for the LVN program.
My goal of getting a job as a CNA this summer at my local nursing home was crushed when i found out they had submitted the list of testers one hour before i called to say i wanted to test...
So i will be pondering which i want to do.

That leds me with no job for the summer, so i will be off to summer school in a month...this is getting kinda long, i hope you give me details about you guys as well... I will be taking aquatic fitness, bcis (a computer class), and a class on children with special needs. I really think that that will help me in the nursing home and do look forward to it. Have to go find out how late the bus runs...see you guys later, have a good break!

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Friday, April 25, 2008

hello my friends who have disappeared...
I will be finishing school for the semester in a few weeks and to be up here and running and seeing how you all are doing. I hope that you still visit myOTaku and are jsut busy for the moment. I have been spending all my time studying and tryiing to keep my grades up...sorry i havent been here, i miss you guys but will see you in a few weeks
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Friday, March 21, 2008

Sorry I have been gone so long
Yayers to finally being able to get on. I was gone for awhile, then could not figure out how to get to my or your guys' pages by going through theOtaku.
I found tiggerolas site, then went through mine... But now i am happy I can visit you guys.
Its been pretty busy here.

Our house has been totally depopcorned... Three of the rooms painted, including our new one. My younger sister I have moved rooms, getting rid of 3/4 of our stuff in the process. And our hallway is titled.
Been working on english research paper and going to the nursing home. I have to go now...sorry...
Have a Happy Easter, please excuse my late visiting but I will get around to visiting everyone, I miss you guys...

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Friday, February 22, 2008

I guess everyone is busy. I hope this new V.V does not chase all my friends away... You guys have all been great and I will really miss any of you who leave. I hope your lives have been going well and that if they are not, I hope they get better.

My week has been pretty good. First round of testing for the semester went all right. I am waiting on the results of the NET test, which we should be getting soon. It will tell me if I can apply to my college's nursing program. I have made friends with some other prospective nursing students in my classes and they are really nice people. I am during a current event summary and plan to cover the Presidential Election here in America, since last time I covered a murder case and each one has to be on a different track.

I also plan on starting my English research project. I think this one will be easier than last year's project even though it is longer. After a while of trying to decide my topic (the only requirement was something in literature that interests us, broad huh?) I have decided to try comparing songs from the Civil war with where the tune has come from.
Example: the song "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" and

(I really love that song)

with John Brown's Body:

Enjoy! have a nice weekend ^__^

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hi guys, coming to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day ^__^ We had biology class off today, so only had to go to one class. Next week we have monday off for President's Day. Not much going on, school is pretty mellow right now. My music class is pretty challenging but I am still enjoying it. If any of you music students have tips for melodic dictation, I would really appreciate it. My governemnt class is really easy since it is my third semester of it. I made a 98 on my first test. Biology is actually going pretty well though not as good as I want but about as good as I expected. I am enjoying it though. My sister is a very good lab partner ^__^ My english class is still going well. We turned in our first major essay today.
Last weekend I spent at the nursing home and plan on spending tomorrow and monday there.

we are still remodeling our house: painting, removing popcorn. I think my DAd will be moving us into my sister that moved room. I have to say good bye to most of my junk. I tend to collect and have a very hard time parting with.

Well, once again. Have a Happy Valentines DAy

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