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Sunday, July 22, 2007

*hugs* Thank you Yensid. I wish I could cheer you up as much as you do me. I am very grateful to know you. Dont worry about the marrying, I didnt plan on it for probably out 5 years or at least after my schooling is over. There really isnt a choir unless I can persuade my mom into joining the school choir which is about $500 a semester because you also have to be inrolled in "individual lessons" which would be fun but the group paying for my school only pays for classes going toward my degree. well catch you later, and thanks again for all your support :)
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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Swords is in a bad mood, you dont have to read if you dont want to because it is more than likely to be ranting
I have hit a state of depression, panic, and wierd feelings in the past couple of days. In psychology, we are learning about identity. I have descovered I have no real identity or even plans other than I want to marry. That just hasnt come along yet. I am starting to question myself as far as my wanting to do nursing goes. What if I cant pass the enterance test. What if I make it and end up inuring someone? What if I actually do something stupid like that time I almost (thank goodness almost) suck a termumerter in someones mouth that had been undersomeones armpit? What if they ask me to find an iv pole and i cant and the person dies? Just all these negative thought rushing in my head. What if I ended not liking it...which is the least of my worries because we did that working at the nursing home and I loved it. What if I do something stupid and fail a class, therfore getting kicked off the Va program. If that happens, no more money for college, no more pursuing nursing because you have to go to college. Therfore nomore dream of working in the nursing home. Along with all that, I have been having choir withdrawals. I used to sing about 3 hours a day while I was in choir. I am down to about 1 and its making me really sad. Then I go back to the I really havent learned much in life. What if I am not cut out to work, to have a family? All throughout my school , teachers taught to the TAKS test. Everything was geared towards passing it to graduate highschool. Know I know the information I will learn in college I will actually need to survive in the real work expecially with my nursing classes. I having an extremely difficulat time trying to actually LEARn the material instead of just studying for the test, maybe or maybe not actually understanding what i am studying and then forgetting it... well thats enough for now...I am beginnning to feel better after this ranting...I am deeply sorry for you guys to see this pesstimistic side of me if you actually read this. If you did, it means alot to me
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Sunday, July 15, 2007

What would I have to do if I was "in charge of distributing them"? I am very not a computer person...

Um not much going on...got swamped by midterm exams for awhile there but things should be settling down until final...I hope. Dont really have much to talk about. Ive been trying to take up exercising again...its not working.... I started practicing my math :) and i plan on calling to find out when i can take the pretest so I can figure out what i need to focus on. I plan on going to go watch the new Harry Potter movie somtime soon but they dont play it in our city because our movie manager thinks harry potter and the "wizarding community violates God"

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Have a Happy Independence Day! (if you're from America...)
*blink, blink* what happened to Yensid? I hope she returns and that nothing bad happened

LVN is a licenced vocational nurse, they do pretty much the same job as an RN except they are not in charge, go to school for a shorter time, and get paid a little less. The reason Im doing that is because it is alot easier to get into than the RN program, and because (I hope and pray this doesnt happen) I want to make sure that is absolutely what I want to do.

If you give me a code to the clone I will post it, i think i will try doing the favorite part/clone thing but probably not every post due to testing/ speech preparation and all that good stuff.

Well have a happy Independence Day! Go into your front lawn, wave a flag and sing the national anthem ^___^

And I leave you with the Star Spangled Banner sung by Beyonce, I love her but I like the original best but they have none of the original so, enjoy!

And here is a very nice version sung by Whitney Houston

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

:) I dont play for real money but it something I need to spend a lot less time on it. I talk to one of my bus drivers and he is really interesting- he used to be a mental councelor :) and my other one I dont really talk to...

As for the majoring... Ipretty sure I want to stay with nursing. I dont know how soon I will get into the program though...Im on prenursing degree program right now but i was recently told that that program was only for RN students which is not what i planned on doing. I planned on doing the LVN program so they said to switch over to general studies next semester because none of the prenursing courses for the RN program transfer to the LVN program. So I was pretty frustrated that day. Hopefully i will be able to attend one of the nursing meeting before the fall to learn a little bit more. I think it will be awhile before i am acccepted though because i have to get a criminal check (not that im a criminal :) but because of the getting there and paying for it), get a physical, find out about gettig transportation to the clinical site, take prereguit courses like biology, be put on the waiting list (they only take 30 students a semester), and then finally get an 80 or above on all three parts of the nursing enterance exam- including reading, writing, and math. The math is the thing Im really worried about. I really need to start practicing that again. I spent three weeks preparing for the SAT math section and still did very poorly. *sigh* I wanted to commit my self to an hour every friday but its been three weeks and i havent started yet.

thanks yensid :)

Online Slayers club eh? It still would end up not working. I had a group of about 10 Slayers fans and it was really good for the first year then people slowly stopped coming to talk till we were down to about three very active members but right now we have two that come every once a while and me who hasnt been coming much...

sorry im in a long winded mood...thats what i get for not taking english to get tired of writing.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

hi Yensid :) and anyone else who happens to wander in
Took a break from the Otaku for awhile trying to break my addication to the computer. I think it worked, I hope. I was spending an average of i hour one the otaku, 3 hours on neopets, and about another 2 hours on poker...but I havent been on the computer in about 2 weeks *feeling proud* Anyways...what to say...hmmmm

I have started college. I was going to get a job but ended up not doing that...mainly because of the fact of transportation. Well, I am taking the bus to and from the college now and its pretty creepy because its usually only me and the driver. My afternoon driver is really interesting and I like him and then my morning driver...well Im usually sleeping or talking to my friend who rides. I am taking First Aid because I need to become certified. I am thouroughly enjoying that class. So far we have practiced transported people. Boy was that a workout! :) rolling, and interviewing *such as in a victim not a job interview). I like it much better that my high school class because 1. i can get certified and 2. we can actually practice so I can put my knowledge to use

My psychology class is intesting but not as much as a hoped. It is lifespan and development so we dont get to learn about all the diseases like bipolar and stuff which i am facinated in. I really like the teacher though and she makes the class fun. It is going to be a challenging class though, I took my first test and after studying all of fri, sat, and sun made a 70... got lots of work to do

And last and least...speech...me no likey...I am scared to death of giving speeches and our grade will consist of a speech, a speech, another speech, and the final exam...wish me luck

If your curious about anything or want me to talk about something just give me a holler, it might make my post more interesting, take care!

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Only one more week of school left...probably talk about that in my next post but for this one the topic will be RECENT EVENTS IN SWORD'S LIFE!

I have been breaking my computer obssession to include neopets and poker and myOtaku, mainly due to English and Anatomy projects that i was doing. I have doing alot of cleaning around the house because my grandmothers and uncle will be coming next week.

Yesterday, I went to a choir banquet. My first formal events I have ever been to not including award ceremonies. We ate brisket, chicken, and apple cobbler. I got to say goodbye to a bunch of my friends...I got an award for the most improved choir member. I felt really special because the director said some really nice things like he was so proud of me and can tell how much I have grown spiritually and vocally. Alot of my friends got awards too and I was excited for them. It was just alot of fun :)

Sunday I am going to go to the Baccaluarate (sp?) and will be singing with the senior class.

Take care, Swords

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Its Swords Wizardry
Hi guys, cant get into my account AGAIN! its so frustrating cause i dont know what im doing wrong, well if you have time, i reposted my last post from my other account cause noone commented on it,

Trying to update before everyone goes on vacation
The concert was a 'joint concert' where we sang our songs- Early One Morning, Sonatemi un Balleto, and Oh Shenandoah with only our choir and then sang Why we Sing with the junior high and intermediate school choirs. No I did not do a solo for the concert, the solo was for competition a couple of weeks ago. I was nervous when I did the solo but not during the concert.

Tomorrow I am going to take a 'college day' and go visit CTC. Saturday, we are going to the Six Flags competition for choir. I am really excited except for the fact that we leave at 3 in the morning!

EDIT! :) or should I say continuation? We went to competition yesterday (todays April fools but im not fooling you) maybe i should wait until tomorrow so youll beleive me...Well Six flags was really fun even though i was sick almost the whole time from our bus ride. The award ceromony was so fun. All four of the choirs that went from our school placed Superior Choir (equal to first place) and two of them got best in show. We were so happy. Screaming, jumping up and down. It was awesome! Now our school might be known for something other that football. Bus ride back i was a hyper little child, now im just tired. But you guys take care

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