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Monday, December 17, 2007

   I guess it is updating day
I just finished out the semester. I ended with an A in psychology, government, and math. *la gasp* I really worked my butt off for that ^__^
But, much to my dissappointment i still got a B in english, I did every thing i could but just could not write an "exceptional" paper...No graduating with honors for me :(

Welp, the semester is over and time to relax. We will be spending Christmas at my house with my immediate family. I plan on piano playing, yay! Becoming an advent Otaku visitor, and replaying my Fire Emblem Game. I also will try to get some cleaning down so we can put up our tree. No lights this year...it is so freezing outside. I hope you guys have some nice plans for the holiday

I found a survery on a members site and will post ten questions each time if you dont mind answering.

No. 1: Where do you go to shop for clothes?

No. 2: Do you buy your own groceries?

No. 3: Do you think people talk about you behind your back?

No. 4: When's the last time you had a sour gummy worm?

No. 5: Whats your favorite fruit?

No. 6: If there was a fire, what would be the first thing you would grab?

No. 7: Do you have a picture of yourself doing a cartwheel?

No. 8: Have you ever tried to build something?

No. 9: Do you play with legos?

No. 10: Do you play with barbies?

1. walmart
2. no, my mom does
3. no doubt
4. last month
5. pineapple
6. my dog...though she is rather heavy
7. never done one
8. tried, yes. suceeded-no
9. I used to, i still have a lego bucket that is as tall as me
10. no

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

I guess it is updated day, hehe *looks at everyone*
My Thanksgiving break went extremely well. We had some nice family time together and it was very enjoyable and relaxing. Monday and Tuesday were good as well. I was ready to finish out the semester. Then Wednesday- I suddenly got sick and boom there went my happiness. I was very dizzy and had a really bad headache. So wednesday and thursday I did not get any work done even though i still went to school. Friday I was feeling better (very strange-normally if it was a cold or someting it would last at least 5 days) but still wasnt feeling up doing getting anything done...i tried but i think i only completed one assignment. So I guess i will be pretty busy today- To english assignment- prepare for final ( we have two hours to write a 5 page paper, no notes allowed), catch up on the 3 math assignments i did not due, study for test on wed, and study for final. That is going to be one hard final- 25 questions, we have gone through over 100 concepts and i seem to forget them as we go along. So I will be studying for those two finals extensively so probably wont be back here for a while :( though i tend to lurk sometimes when my brain starts to fry. Psychology and governemtn i am not worried about, i have an A, but knowing me i will want to study psych instead of math and english because it is so much easier to study for and so much more interesting. Well, you guys have a good break if you gt off before me and take care ^__^ I would find some pretty music but am too lazy...maybe i will post a youtube song up here later, well bye!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I am finally finished with my research paper, didnt get to relax monday, worked nonstop (except for food and sleep) thursday through tuesday but now i can relax on "Thanksgiving ^__^ even though see gave us another assignment, oh well- i am doing nothing on thanksgiving! grabs paino ^__^ will probably come back here

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
I am thankful for such supportive and encouraging, nice, and loyal myOtaku friends *giant hug* Have fun and enjoy your food!

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

post or not to post...
since i am currently on break, i guess i will post, you guys are probably like *sigh* another boring post from Swords who has no life...
Well, last week we did not have much class, wed and thurs were cut short and we have no class monday because of Veterans Day, i would post a patriotic song here but my youtube is not working...not much going on, pretty relaxing week, I will be doing a research paper for english and that is it for the weekend, my plan is to finish and take monday off of everything , i did some cleaning and actaully ran around the park today,,,take care

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm back, I hope you had a Happy Halloween
Hi, I was technically banned from the piano, but I woke up early every day for a week and did manage to play it mistake free for my sister last Sunday. I think the reason I was banned is that I would get obsessed over it and play for hours...cant be good for my hands...but so much fun. Think, hopefully, will start to settle down over here. My history report is down, I am passing math, finished my english test, and just gave my psychology report today. I will be revising my english essay on my dogs and studying math- and that is it for this weekend :) I did not get to enjoy Halloween yesterday though- i procrastinated on my psychology project so was working on it from 4 PM until midnight... Tell me about ya'll halloween, i like hearing about the little kids :)

For those of you study psychology (I dont think any of you are...) or those that are bored can read my psychology report, it is on Impatient people and the bus systm: (names and places were removed becuase of the stalkers (not you guys of course) on the internet, If you do read it-enjoy

"Impatience and the Bus System"
People in America are very impatient. They want everything done as quickly as possible. They want everything to adapt to their own schedule. For example, in David Elkind’s book, The Hurried Child, he demonstrates how parents want their kids to learn to read faster, go to school, faster, and get a job faster so that they can achieve what they wanted to before having kids. Parents, as he explains, want this because their own lives are so stressful and fast paced. It is all because our society is so wound up on doing everything in a rapid manner. Other examples of impatience include people rushing disabled people, not because they want to help but because they feel the person is wasting his or her time (Eustice). This impatient often leads to the displaying of “irritated behavior.” According to experts, including Dr. Scott Elizabeth, this behavior may lead to health problems, such as hypertension that are associated with Type A Personality. Therefore, the researcher will be studying impatience in relation to the bus system.

Adults tend to display irritated behavior when having to wait for a service.

Adults waiting for the bus that normally leaves at 3:05 will display irritated behavior when it arrives after 3:05. Irritated behavior in this experiment is defined as frowning or standing up. Frowning is any facial expression that shows a down turned mouth, is not smiling or that goes from smiling to a blank expression that is neither smiling nor frowning. Standing is any behavior that involves a person’s feet or foot touching the ground without the same person’s bottom touching the ground. For this experiment, swaying and pacing are also considered as standing up.

The researcher studied the people at the bus stop from 3:05 to 3:15, on random days of the week throughout the month of October. Random days were chosen so the researcher would not be studying the same people each time. The researcher, with a wristwatch and a clipboard, sat calmly near the people to record observations. The researcher pretended to be a normal person about to ride the bus and display neutral behavior so as to not impact the results. Times at which the people displayed “irritated behavior” were recorded along with the amount of people displaying it and how.

This study found that 22 out of 37 people were standing up when the bus arrived late and that 16 of those people were frowning. That number may be lower due to not all of the facial expressions were recorded. All in all, when the bus arrived after 3:05, people clearly displayed irritated behavior, totaling 59 percent.

The fact that twenty-two out of thirty-seven people displayed irritated behavior when the bus was late proves that they do not like their services to be later. This study was consistent in keeping a naturalistic observational state in which it was neutral to the people studied, keeping quiet about the experiment, and remaining calm around the test specimens so that they had no idea that they were being studied. This could be because the people have things to do, such as work, or that being later sets their plans back. This could possibly be because America is turned into a “time-centered” society. Must be to work on time, must be to school on time, must pick up children on time, and watch get home to watch to television on time. It is considered a lack of responsibility to show up late or to take one’s time; therefore, it results in a social aspect of one person is annoyed, the other people have to be annoyed to avoid annoying the already annoyed person. To find out more about this behavior, the people that displayed the irritated behavior need to be interviewed as to why the were displaying that behavior. “Did they need to go somewhere?” “Were they expecting the bus to arrive early?” or “Did they not even notice that they were displaying an irritated behavior?” People could be sitting because they are tired or have a medical condition that prevents them from standing for long periods of time.

Problem B:
People like their services to be quick but are unhappy if the service is not offered when they get there. Therefore, buses should try to arrive early but not leave until their designated time. People display positive behavior when the bus arrives early, therefore complimenting the fact that they display irritated behavior when it is early. Positive behaviors are demonstrated when a person is smiling. Melvin Konner, finding that people by smiling can ease the mind of people around them and calm those who may be slightly frustrated, conducted research on social smiling. People should show positive emotions because it is good for one’s health (Seligman).

Adults tend to display positive behavior when his or her service is provided early.

Adults waiting for the bus, which normally arrives at 3:05, display positive behavior if it arrives before 3:05. Positive behavior is defined as smiling or sitting down. Smiling is have the mouth turned in an upright direction, or displaying a neutral or blank expression after previously frowning. Sitting is having one’s bottom on the bench or ground.

Like the first study, the researcher conducted the study on random days during the month of October, carrying a clipboard and a watch. The influence on this observation was the time along with the early arrival of the bus. In this study, the focus was on positive behavior, such as smiling and sitting down. Sitting was considered a positive behavior in this experiment because the researcher viewed it as a sign of calmness as compared to being anxious to leave.

This study found that, when the bus arrived early, 18 people were sitting as compared to 21 standing. This number was not what the researcher was looking for but it is still a closer number than for when the bus arrived late. The number of people smiling was a much clearer determination that people are happy when they get to leave early with only three out of the eighteen studied frowning.

Eighteen out of Thirty-nine people displayed positive behavior when the bus arrived early. This could be due to a number of reasons but proves that people are happy to get on with their lives in the quickest manner possible. Although it is good to see that people display positive behavior when the bus is early but also indicates that they do get annoyed when it is late. However, the displaying of positive behavior could be a social aspect. People smiling because the person next to them is smiling. The smile could have nothing to do with the bus coming early. This is why it needs to be investigated further as to why the people are displaying positive behavior. Maybe
they just had a good day and getting to leave early made them happier. Also, the number of.
people standing could be due to the fact that they don’t feel like sitting or the benches were full
-Copyright myOtaku user, Swords411, Fall 2007

If you did stay to read that whole long thing, thank you very much ^__^ I hope you enjoyed it! Have a Great weekend!

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

hey again...forget what i said about leaving unless i disppear...^__^ I think since becoming more oganized that i am doing beter, yay time management, hehe I still miss my freetime though. This friday i have to go to school for a stupid math thing that will bring my grade up a little. My history is going up and we just turned in my english.
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Friday, October 12, 2007

I am deciding to post today, dispite my last post because I am on my break ^__^ I am doing alright in my math class right now but still have to dedicate my life to it, practicing every day. This weekend I have organized myself and hope to complete most of the work I have not finsihed and left times for breaks and rests so as to not get stressed out over it. Today i will be writing my english essay comparing my two dogs, and revisising my earlier essay on teh choir competiton. Tommorrow I will start researching for my psych project and try to finish my government paper, then Sunday i will study for my governemnt test. All days will have some math practice and Smash Brothers playing ^__^ The only thing i really regret is I have been banned from playing my piano so i cant work on the piece i wanted to play for my sisters birthday, well since you guys have all the themes up, Have a Happy Halloween!!
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Monday, October 8, 2007

I hate to join the group of people hear leaving the Otaku but i am going to have to cut my updating to every two weeks and my visiting to probably only on saturday and get everyone for the week on that day. I am so sorry *hugs* I feel aweful about it but I am currently failing my math class and it is not getting any better. So i must devote my whole live, as opposed to 2/3 of my life i was earlier, to passing because if i fail, no more college for me *cries* I am going to miss you, but i am not leaving, just warning you if i disappear. I know you guys hate reading these messages and I do regret is so much. Love you and thanks for being such good friends
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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Must modify this post, too many spelling and grammer mistakes (who know this editing might help me with my grammer exam next week)
To update or not to update...looks at people not on Otaku and pile of math hw in front of me. Doing hw on the computer can be so distracting...but i may not get a chance later because of my projects *shifty eyes* and tests next week. So...hehe...last week was alright...I guess. My oh so popular guy i am researching will have to be done on the internet *glares at library* I had to really stretch my topic to find books on him and still did not get enough...oh well, this should be the last week spent on that. Then it is on to psychology...my people keep running away *cries* Last week alright, did i say that already...sorry...It was pretty stress free. I am debating turning in this paper. I went to the disablity counselor to get large print math tests. I failed last time...couldnt see the graphs... ( that wasnt the reason i failed though)and they want me to fill out this paper...listen to these questions...:
Do you do well or bad in math. There is no inbetween it is either i do good or i do bad, but in reality i do ok...no space to explain, just check box...next
Do you do well with reading comprehension or bad with reading comprehension...again I do good if it is directions and stuff but bad if i am reading a book or story...next
Do you do good or bad in taking notes...if i am listening i take great notes (usually word for word) except in math because have of it is written on the board. I dont take any notes off the board because i usually cant see...*sigh* *stares at paper some more, thinking*

Ok enough of my oh so interesting (by the way when i say "oh so" it means the opposite of what follows, i think i will start using that) rambling

Answers to questions!
Rose- I am proud of your getting healthy and doing all that exercising, i am so lazy... good luck with chemistry. I always hated chemistry
Yensid- thanks for the modivation *hugs back* you are such a sweet person, and nope i am not an artist nor do i process visually
Wendy-can i call you that...thanks for the well wishes. i think it worked. good luck with college
tiggerola- that is an interesting experiment, well they are teaching Most people go back and forth in their processing of info on each side, if one doesnt know the other will try to find out, hehe sounds like we are talking about people, yeah for making a world a better place, i really hope i will ^__^

Thanks for the comments guys, they really mean alot to me and makes me feel alot better *hugs*
Until next time!

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hey guys. I am trying not to update too much with my grumpy self but will still be here posting every few weeks or so unless i have something good to say, then i will share it :)
Right now i am pretty much mentally drained.
I spent all weekend studying practicing and getting tutored on my math and i mean ALL weekend, but got the test back yesterday. I am currently failing. Failing. Do you know how discouraging that is too me? Well, that day i wanted to curl pu in a little ball and cry. I would not have been so bad if i had not worked so hard to do well on it. I guess my summer semester gave me a false hope of me doing ok in college. At least it makes me enjoy my english class a bit more...gloom

I have had some exciting moments though- we did a "hemishperity" test in psychology and i am mainly right side minded which means various things such as like multiple choice tests, like order, am not spontaneous and such like that. Then we watched a movie on people that have damaged various parts of the brain such as Broccas area which controls verbal expression and some other intesterting but devestating for the vitim such as the inablity to recognize faces to the extreme degree that they can not tell that some one in a picture is the person sitting in person next to the picture.
Government i am ok with but usually extremly exhausted from my math class before it.

Positve note :) I have started what i hope is to become an exercise program. I have been to the gym twice last week and lifted weight (dont be too impressed it was only 5 pounds...), indoor byclice riden, and walked on the treadmill.

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