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Friday, September 7, 2007

*falls down dead* I just lost my weekend *gloom* I wrote the rough draft for the essay for english on wednesday since we are not allowed to write one in class and only have an hour to do the final draft. Well i got to class thursday to descover that we were not writing the essay today but she had more instruction for us. I found out that mine was too focused on myself and not the event. The topic was too write a descriptive essay (min 800 words) about an important event in your life. Since my life is extremly boring i chose to write on the choir competition i did and talked about all the emotions i was feeling through practice, the day of the competition and what i got out of it. But instead she wants us to write about what happened (it only lasted three minutes) the people, the environemt and stuff like that. Sigh...it took me 5 hours to write...which is why i could not wait until class...and was 9 pages long...

Lets see about anything happy this week...hmmm... government is going well. We are learning about the British system for some reason but i think its pretty interesting since i know nothing about it.
Math is horrible...next!
Psychology, we read a "scholarly journal" yesterday and mine showed that those who take pretests such as chap 1, 2, and 3 before being tested on all three do better than those that study more than take it all together (such as a final exam). That is a little discourageing to me since i do spend most of my life studying but at the college we test on about 5 chapters at a time. well, thats all. Overall it was better than last week since i was not chasing down books to buy and running around getting different stuff done.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

hehe, i think i confused you. i art a college student now :) The summer was my first semester, since i just graduated in May from high school. And this fall will be my second semester of college. Sorry about the confusion :)

anyone else thats comes, you can read my last post...if you want :)

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

tell me if my site is too blinding, i personally see better if it is dark on light

:) I found it on the internet so guess what? i dont know :) Next time i will pick one that i know the episode so you wont have to rack your brains :)
Well, its seems that my little pattern i was complaining about earlier-bored, busy, too busy didnt come in effect this semester. Just went straight from bored to too busy. My math class we have to do online hw and quizes, took me two hours to install all the junk needed after waited 2 hours in the bookstore to get it...sigh...then bookhomework. For english we have to write 800 word analytical essays. I have never written anything over 350...that will be a huge problem. At least the government class seems easy. Boring but easy. Our project is, instead of english where you have one page bibliography and 5 page essay, a one page paper citing 30 sources, not counting the internet. It should not be too hard after that reguriss (gloom cant use big words) english research paper i had for senior english. Then general psychology. I like that class, pretty interesting, though i know a lot of it so pretty easy too. We get to study people. *grins stupidly and pulls out magnifying glass* The behavior of online otaku users depending on the weather :) Anyways that was my week excluding the blown tire on monday, the sickness on tuesday and wednday, and the waiting for bookstore on wednesday. Oh well, next week should be better since i have everything squared away. Have a happy Labor Day! Is it meant to be a happy day? Well, it is a holiday so i will be happy. Maybe one of you can inform me on its true meaning

and a quote...never mind cant find one right now and am too lazy to look because am suppose to be starting my math. I will probably write again on thursday or friday while doing my math :) Well, since i didnt have a quote here is something i learned today- Your brain does not feel pain, it just tells you that you are in pain. So if you got your head cut open that would hurt, but if someone starting poking your brain, that would not

ok, enough rambling, complaining, and weirdness. Have a great day! Hey, i am in a better mood now, thanks guys!

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

reply to Rose (hope i can call you that)- it was down to the final four and ended like this-#4 was Julian Irwin, the 14year old singer, #3 was Butterscotch, the beat boxer who made instrument noises with her voice, #2 Cas, a singer with a guitar, and #1, Terry Fator, the vatricist who had his puppets sing

hey, its my boring self again. I went and saw Rush Hour 3 the other day. I thought it was pretty good, there were some really funny parts :) Preparing myself for school by trying to finish the things i am obssessed about with right now. I have almost finish my video game and am close to finishing the book I am reading. So all that leaves is the video i am trying to make to Hotel California but i think i will get bored of that soon enough. I have such a productive life, huh? *sigh* just joking.
Oh, and I have took up my piano playing. At least that makes me feel as if i am doing something useful :) Am back to trying to learn One Winged Angel from Advent Children. Well see you, of to school monday

and a request from tiggerola, here is a quote from my favorite show, Slayers:
Amelia: "Obey me, or feel the hammer of justice!"

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

*is watching America's got talent* I really hope Terry, the vantrilicist wins. I think he is so cool and that the others should join America Idol. I do miss the Sidespwip and the Clipto tumblers though. Well, just for fun- "good luck Terry!" hehe you guys have a good day
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Saturday, August 18, 2007

yes, in one more week. I cant say I am looking forward to it though. I will be happy for a couple weeks being buzy but then once projects and midterm exams role around, I will be too busy again. i guess it is just a cycle i will have to get use to- being bored, being busy, being too busy
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Im bored...really bored. I have been on 2 walks today, maybe my bordom will get me to get back into the exercising habit. I hope...well im going swimming now...hope you guys are doing somtehing interesting. I have spend hours playing poker and video games today. Those stupid video games are so addicted yet so fun. I would go from playing Fire Emblem one day for hours, get board and find a new one to play for hours...sigh...i need a new hobby, bye bye
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Friday, August 10, 2007

*is dead* hey guys...Im so tired...have no brain left...well exams went pretty well...passed all my classes of my first semester :) We have a two week break so i will post again if i have something interesting or different happen in the next two weeks, take care guys
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Thursday, August 2, 2007

thank you guys, *nods* I will do that

Well i probably wont see you guys until next friday or saturday, have a busy week ahead of me.

Monday- have first aid final and psychology test (4 chapters)

Tuesday- have to deliver imprumto speech *gloom*

Wed- have first aid and cpr certification test and psychology final exam (21 chapters...that causes alot of stress...gloom...)

Thurs- speech final

well until then...you guys have fun

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

more setbacks....
I went to my counselor to get advice on classes to take in the fall. I was going to switch to general studies because the class i am taking do not count toward the voacational nursing degree but they decided to put me on Inderdisipliny studies so that if i move i can tranfer the credits. Thats not really a problem. But then I took the nursing entrance test on tuesday and the results were horrifying. My mother has been trying to get me to find a new career chose ever since my teacher recommended I not test for the nurses aid certification. Well this is the perfect excuse. I made a 50% on the reading and a 20% on the math. It is extemely disappointing. There is only so much I can increase my ability by studying and tutoring. *sigh* Maybe I will think of something after I have completed all the basic classes in about a year...I hope so... 8gloom*
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