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Monday, November 17, 2008

It seems like i just posted
Thanks for the comments guys ^__^ I really do miss you. This post is a more gloomy one, I will not be on here to visit you guys until the middle of december, hopefully. But if i dont visit in december, ay neveermind, i will miss you too much not to visit during the Christmas break. Until then, news is being with held :) Dont worry, my family is all safe.
Miss and love you guys, until next time

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Friday, November 7, 2008

cough cough... i guess i am on a monthly basis now...
I hope everyone is doing well, i miss you alot. My exams went well. I am still maintaining As. Trying to decide what to take, and fit it all in, next semester. I am set to get my degree in General Studies in May :) Helped decorate the nursing home for Halloween and enjoyed see the little kids, not very many this year, that came to my house. Planning on having relatives over for Thankgiving, you guys have any plans? Sorry havent been around for a while but will check your most recents posts.

As for school, really thats my life :)
My first history I am enjoying because we are actually past world war i, so i get to learn things i have never studyed or even heard about. I have a test on wed, right after the Veterans Day holiday.

--Thank you to all our servicemen who have, are, and will defend our country--

I have improved my piano skills greatly. For our final (in December) I will be playing Fur Elise (mandatory) and Electric de Chocobo (peice I chose). I originally chose a Christmas song- Oh Come oh ye Faithful, The First Noel, but I learned then in a few days so i decided i needed something more challenging. I did manage to play 'One winged angel' for my sister but i didnt turn out very well...

well thats all i can think of rgith now, not very interesting... feel free to ask questions and comment! miss yall

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

i havent been here in so long... *hugs*
I have midterms next week, great studying i am doing here on the Otaku, i've missed you guys and will try to get a proper update next weekend.
Love you guys, be good

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Fellow Texans and Lousianians please stay safe this weekend
I am thinking of all of you in the way of the hurricane and flooding

La examin en el clase de espanol es el lunes. (My spanish test is monday)
I am taking my time to practice, so will ask a few question. Answer is spanish, english or whatever soots you best.
Como te llamas? (what is your name- first or nickname only)
De donde eres? (where are you from- dont be specific because of internet stalkers)
Como estas? (how are you doing right now)
Quando es tu cumpeanos? (when is your b-day)

thats all for now... thanks for helping. My week, other than the looming storm, went well. I wish to take a moment to thank all our soldiers defending our freedom and pray for all the victim of the terrorist attacks in America. I watched the 102 minutes yesterday. It was so devestating and very very depressing.

School is giong well. Im learning new songs on the piano. Im sore right now from my aquatic fitness. History is boring but seems easy. We are celebrating Constitution Day next wednesday so will be watching a movie instead of lecture. I was going to participate in the blood drvie but they think i have madcow... O.o

anyways, the best to you guys. have a safe weekend

and thanks for the comments ^__^ *hugs*

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

pokes sleeping Otakuians
I havent been here awhile, not much updating going on so i guess i wasnt modivated...
The first week of Fall semester went well as did my one week break. During the break I did some piano playing and was trying to defeat Arc the Lad for PS2. I am SOO close! *anticipation* I went to the nursing home alot :) but they are off this weekend. Any plans for the Labor Day? My school schedule is actually pretty good- wake up at 7 two days and 10 the other two days. I was really bored the first week since we kept getting out so early (have to wait for next class). I am hoping we will lose all the grumpy people that have been riding the bus with me. Other than that it is good though. not much else, just wanted to update... if you want and havent you can read my last post to pass time :)
Hasta Luego, lol...

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I am going to give my speel, then catch up on your lives :) and remember to save, lol

We are almost done with the summer semester. I will be going back in the Fall. My good news was supposed to be that I begin the nursing program this fall, but the "nursing committee" who was doing the interview pushed all of us, i think about 10, to the Fall of 2009. Originally, they said it might be the spring of 2008, but not, we were DENIED :( but at least i know i will be accepted provided i pass my physical. We just have to wait... I will be able to finish my general studies so i guess thats ok.

Class are going well, but i have been pretty busy. Last weekend, I spent writing a research paper on autism. It is a very interesting disorder but I feel horrible for anyone who might have it or knows someone that does. Last week we discussed terminal illness in children, in my special needs class. Talk about dspressing...

Lab is going really well now. i am attached to the little buggers. They really liked our doinky puppet show and the activity presentation went well. We had our pe skills test, that went decently. I had some memory problems though...

What else? Classes for the fall: history 1, history 2, spanish, aquatic fitness2, and piano class. I am really excited about piano class. Yes, I can play the piano but i am hoping to improve my skills and speed up my learning of songs. And it will give me a chance to just play which i havent been doing very often. I really dont look forward to spanish seeing as i have had two year and still cant mak much sentnces... at least that should be my only hard class so i can focus on it. My moms says, what good is your spanish if you cant talk with anyone? i doubt i will able to, but we shall see. If any of you speach spanish can i practice with you? anyways, have a nice weekend, i will be around to commment

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Friday, August 1, 2008

quick post, sorry to disappoint
I will do a more thorough post next weekend. I am super busy this weekend, I have to write my whole reserach paper. I wanted to be half done last weekend but that did not work out. I will also tell you about the suprise later- it was my interview for the nursing department. Sorry i have been visited you guys, until next time :(
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

curses for not saving post
i just spent 30 minutes writting a post that got deleted by my stinking internet and really dont feel like writing again, so i guess i will post later...sorry...
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Friday, July 11, 2008

hey dudes and dudetes!
sorry i havent visited in awhile :( if i missed anything you want to share with me feel free to post it in a comment or pm me, i love hearing about your lives :)
Lately, I have been going to school- obvious huh? It has been going pretty good. I think i do like the elder population better than the kids, my hypersensitive ears cant stand all the screaming whether it is of glee, anger, or saddness... My aquatic fitness class is still going well and so is BCIS. We just finished midterm, quick huh? and so far I am mantaining my As pretty easily. My volunteering is limited to friday and occassionally sat because of all the reading i dont do during the week that i need to catch up on... My free computer time has been going toward obssessing over neopets latest competition...if you are a fan you know how addicting it can be. If not, you probably think i am really lame. I appologize again for not visiting and hopefully on thursday you will hear some good news from me :) its a secret *waves xellos fingers* just in case it doesnt happen.

have a good week all and i hope you Americans had a nice Independence Day! We had a bbq and sang songs :)

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

hello, you guys made me very happy ^___^
luna: i hope this place stays alive as well
Chibi: I hope i get used to the children
Magnus: im visually impaired. I dont really consider it as a disability since there are ways around it except for the driving
koon- thanks im glad it hasnt killed me either
Yensid- !I hope you come back too, it has been a very long time my friend. Yep, the troubles are over, i passed even biology. I didnt know you could comment with your site turned off
Rose- yep ive been busy, thanks for the luck
Elves- hehe what should i call you? i hope the classses help as well
Iruka- thanks!

ONward ho! Thanks for the comments, they make me feel fuzzy inside ^_^ Last week went well though it was very long. I didnt get home until 6 everyday. I have a feeling i will have big arm muschles by the time i am done with my pe class, then i can actually carry people like we learned in first aid. Childcare class is going well, i am getting a little better, not much but slowly getting better. The problem is there are actaully no disabled kids in the center right now. The class is really intersintg though. It is slightly depressing because i would not like to live like some of them, but at the same time it fasinates me.
For anyone that came by earlier, i got called for dinner in te middle of writing my post...

I was tagged by lunastarz so here i go:

1) post these rules
2)each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
3)tags should write a journal/blog of these facts
4)at the end of these post 8 more ppl r tagged and named
5)to tag go to another persons page and tell them there taged

Here we go:
1. I want to be a nurse
2. I like turtles and pigs
3. I cant stand the sound of nail clipping
4. I love to sing but am not very good at it
5. I love to eat and hate to exercise but am not overweight, yet
6. I love myOtaku but have not published/uploaded any art since i lost my first account- midgetswords
7. I never wanted a computer in my rom but now i am addicted to it
8. Finally, i love cheese ^__^

I tag...
1. Magnus Lensheer
2. Kitabug69
3. Mizukage
4. Chibi-anne-chan
5. ElvesAteMyRamen
6. Zakura Rose
7. Koon
8. Anyone else that wants to do it

sorry late was a long post...

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