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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Well, since everyone else is talking about it . . .
I found out about Heath Ledger at the job-finding club last afternoon. I was checking my e-mail on a computer, and after I closed hotmail it was the headline on the MSN news.

It's such a shame and such a waste of such a rising talent. Just broke big into Hollywood and everything . . . it's sad.

I'll always remember him best for William Thatcher in "A Knight's Tale" - I truly did love that movie . . . so yeah, it's a total shame . . .

Aside from that, I started picking and choosing writing material to make a writing portfolio finally. Seeing as I have nothing especially amazing in my resume, I'd best be able to wow 'em with hard copy proof of what I can do. So, after job searching club I went to the mall, bought a new black binder and a bunch of plastic sheet protectors.

Got home, realised I forgot to buy dividers. Damnit.

So now I'm picking and choosing stuff I'd wanna use to show off my skills. Heh, now if only I had more than just old essays, anime articles and maybe a couple DVD release thingies . . . oh, and those Remembrance Day write-ups, those are good . . .

. . . . . haha, now I need to figure out how best to display 'em in the binder . . . damn I suck at this.

So I'll just say screw it for now. Let's watch a contemporary, live version of Bon Jovi from the 2000 Crush Tour instead (where he no longer sings the high throat-shredding parts - though Richie Sambora continues to just be insane . . . gotta love talk-boxes . . .):

I need to make more allusions to Gina and Tommy in life . . .

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