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Monday, January 14, 2008

   Oh Michelle Yeoh . . . poor woman . . .
Watched Sunshine. Returned it to Rogers about 10 minutes later. It now occurs to me that we really need to buy it. Crap, technical waste of five bucks for rental . . . Liked it, though. Very much.

I need to start dressing nice every morning now for this job finding club thing. The mentality is that if you suddenly get a job lead/interview right on the spot, you'll always be dressed for one. This should be a fun three weeks . . .

. . . random SomeGuy trivia: if I ever exit my car for any reason while the engine is still running (eg. running from the curb to the video store to drop of returned stuff, dropping people off at the airport, etc.), I always roll the window down first - I have a powerful fear of locking myself out of the car.

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