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Friday, February 15, 2008

   Busy week starting to ease up . . .
Let's see what's happened since last I spoke . . . in no particular order . . .

-Started a bunch of new projects for the site, lookin' forward to where those head.

-Wrote a test, handed it in yesterday, hope to hear results in the next few days.

-Got a little sick with a cough and sore throat or something, and I also burned the roof of my mouth which is annoying.

-Haven't had to do any performances since Sunday which rocks. 'Cause I'm tired. And sick now.

-Grandma flew back to Cowtown last night. It was fun to have her in town the past few months.

-Watched Ranma; watched Weaponology. As good of a Valentine's Day as any, I suppose.

-Posted podcast; podcasters are sounding desparate these days. Sucks. We should help them, probably.

-Posted press release news about game I should probably try out. It's times like this that it sucks being the "Wordy Bastard". Ah well.

-. . . and then a bit after midnight I skinned a knuckle on the stucco above the computer when I stretched. Gah.

Today . . . I get to go to this. This should be pretty fun. Got my nice clothes out and washed the car and everything. Here's hoping the night goes smoothly - so once again, Bossman, thanks for the easy in for what should have otherwise costed me about $250. I'll try to learn something good for everyone.

. . . and it's times like these I wish I had theOtaku business cards . . . among other business cards . . . . .

Annnnd I'm coughing again. I'm out. Buh bye.

. . . . . here, in case you didn't believe me last post:

Bwahaha . . .

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