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Saturday, February 9, 2008

   3 down . . . how many more to go?
So yesterday's performances . . .

First was at about 4 or 5pm downtown Vancouver. Premier Gordon Campbell's thing. The Premier has a great handshake and is an amazing speaker (politicians, go fig'). I forget if I personally like or dislike his politics right now (at the moment in my immediate memory it's more likely dislike than like), but as a public whatever he presents himself well enough. And hey, if the head of the freakin' PROVINCE is gonna hire your club to do a lion dance for them, well hell . . .

After that we hauled ass from downtown Vancouver to Richmond City Hall for another event (in rush hour traffic, so it was about 40 minutes' drive). This one was an outdoor stage so it was cold, but it was fast and people seemed to like us. So cool.

So let's see . . . today . . . Mazda dealership in Vancouver tonight. Maybe I can work on my test package this afternoon . . .

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