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Myyy name is Keiti.
Pronounced [[Kay--Tee]]

I’m a normal human being,
Much like any other of you people are.
I have my likes
My dislikes.
My friends,
My family.

I get along easy with other people.
But it doesn’t mean I like you.

I have horrible sarcasm.
Don't take things I say honestly.

I can be a bitch If I want to.

Nine piercing in all.
Ready to kill some.

&&That's all i feel like typing.

This is just a "show" site,
PM me on Shattered Peices.

Other Contact?

Add me there [=

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Riiight, so... This is Sayoko. But this site is going to be my friends soon. Be nice to her, ok?

If you still need to contact me or anything... just stop on over to my other site.

Here's the link: Click Betches!

So, add me there. I won't be using this site.

Bye - bye!!!

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