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^Heís Miguel Lavalier, another main dragonslayer who gets captured.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

   Hello; Goodbye
My life is so boring, so I haven't really been posting much on here. I don't have any more essays in my possession that refer to anime/manga, but I have an incomplete one that refers to Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex in relation to the famous poem "Dover Beach" (it was going to be for a bonus assignment, but I decided not to do it and get some sleep instead).

I've been busy getting ready for university; course registration was more difficult to do than I thougt (since it's done online and the website that students register on was screwing up a bunch), I've been organizing stuff, and I have to pack and buy my stuff now. @.@ I may have some time at the beginning of the school year (my university starts earlier than all of the other universities in Canada... O.O), but I'll probably spend that time drawing, reading, and chillaxing... it's pretty dead around here anyway, but I miss the way that it was before and I'll always be here for nostalgic reasons; so, I'm not going away permanently, just maybe a long time. T.T Hopefully, MyOtaku will be in one piece by the time I get back.

I wrote up that rant about leglizing marijuana and saved it in MS Word, but it was on the computer at my cottage. I've been busy at my summer job, so I haven't been able to go up to the cottage and get it posted... maybe at Thanksgiving or Christmas...? And I didn't really have any time to make up that new theme for my site 'ere; I'll change it to something good, when I have time, I promise! XD I would love to add more to my review world, and I have some ideas, but, again, no time. @.@

See Yas! Take Care! ^.^;

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