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Friday, February 23, 2007

hey srry that i havent commented or updated lately and i proble wont much for a wile but as soon as i get to ill comment on all ur sites!!! ^.^

oh and nessa finally got her drivers licesnce (sp) so we're going to go see her new nephew that was born on valintines day!! his name is aiden-leon alexander i don't know if there is a dash there or not but its his first name and not 2 second names so there proble isnt supose to be one there but anyway i feel srry for him whe he has to learn how to write it! ^.^ poor kid

my bro might be getting married never thought i would see the day but the're prolly not going to have a ceremoni just be married is what he told mom what he told me was that he was gonna propose to her but couldt afford a ring, so i guess that since he can't afford the ring he can't afford a wedding so the're just going to be married ^.^ im verry happy for them cuz i really like her she's nice!^.^

well ttfn my ninjas untill next time!!!!^.^

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Friday, February 9, 2007

today was much better! mostly becuase i stayed at nessa's. we went to town today for crissy so that the kids will be put in the paper for valintines day.

just watched a hunting *.* spooky!!!!

well ttfn my ninjas!!!!^.^

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Thursday, February 8, 2007

srry i haven't comented in a while ill try to as soon as i can!

today has been.....frustraiting my mom was haveing an episode.

oh and the day after she told me she wasn't going to help me with the fashion show thingy she was like we gotta do this and this and this cuz u can't do it without me ^.^ (saw it comeing)

well i feel much better now that i got away from her and my bro. (if your wandering about y my moms such a rollercoster its cuz shes bipolar and skitsofrintic((sp)) and my bro is bipolar too so they fight A LOT)

nessa got our pics devolped and ill try to get some posted soon ^.^

well i guess i gtg cuz we gotta get up pretty early


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Friday, February 2, 2007

Hey i changed my site to digi charat i haven't got to see it yet but i really really want too!


well me and nessa went to our meeting for the fashion show today...or yesterday. me and nessa are the only ones competeing in the sr. class and were makeing the same thing! lol were gonna make the big bawl room dresses. i asked my mom if she would help me and she said no lol ^.^ can't wait to get started even though i know its gonna be a big headache.

well ttfn my ninjas!!!!^.^

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

im still sleepy..... crystal woke me and val up earily this morning to go to town and then me and nessa went to town twice and it was funny cuz wen we got gas there was this dude and we started starring at him, i honked at him and nessa waved really big. then we were like we gotta get out of here lol i think he thought we were crazy!!

oh know wat was freaky this morning val was awake for some resone at like 6 somthing and she hurd someone tapping on the window and so she got up to look out and see who it was and there was no one there she was like oooookkkkey and locked the door (she left it unlocked for cristal) and got back in bed then a few minutes later she hurd someone dragging something across the portch and twisted the door nob and started rattiling the door 0.0 creepy it might have been joe he likes doing stuff like that.

well ttfn my ninjas!!!!!^.^

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Monday, January 29, 2007

   ello ello!!^.^
srry i havent updated in a wile. aunt juanita and ellen came to visit there so funny!! and me and nessa made dinner for everyone and now im verry tired.

ttfn my ninjas!!!^.^

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

well since i don't really have anything to talk about right now im gonna ask u some more questions!!!!!!

1. whats ur eye color?
2. hair color?
3. shoe size?
4. do you (or did you) whear glasses?
5. do you (or did you) whear braces?
6. what kind of vehicle do you drive if u drive?
7. what mood have you been in today?

well ttfn my ninjas!!!!^.^

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

me and nessa went to
granny's today cuz
it was her bday she
is 79 and can still
out run me lol i
made her a chocolatt
cake with peanutbutter
iceing it was good me
and nessa ate most of
it so im piped up on sugar mwhahahahahaha

and we found some old
pics they were taken
aroud my 7th bday

nessa, me, and thats
joe in the background!!

my bro (don't know what went wrong with that one)
me and dad!!

im in the background,
crissy, jenni (dajenbug),
aunt sarah, nessa, and
matt don't know if you
can really see him on
ness'a site it cut him off.

well didn't we have bad fashon since then? lol

ttfn my ninjas!!!!

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Monday, January 22, 2007

sorry i havent updated in a while well my bunnies got last place in the stock show cuz they didn't have big butts lol whel yesterday my dad got me some cake mixes cuz i told him i thought a chocolate cake with peanutbutter iceing would be good and hehe it was but i made it a little sweet for me and i thought it would have been better with coowhip or summin but i really liked it and i think ill make another today for ganny's b-day!!^.^

oh and when we took the bunnies to the show barn i remembered wy i hated school ppl look at ya like y the hell are you here and having to get up early so i was groggy and think i was slitely getting on nessa's nurves but after i took a nap i felt much better and then there where a lot more ppl there who didn't know us so they were friendly and the teachers who knew us where too and after the waighing the teachers paid us :D how many ppl want to get money from their teachers!! whell their not my teachers anymore but still.

my mom took us over there and didn't even watch us i knew that if it was just me she wouldn't but since nessa was there and we had the bunnies she might but no she wanted to wait outside in the freazing (not just the exprection) rain and smoke awell.

hope that wasn't too confuseing i have i gift of jumping from subject to subject and, out of the blue answer a ? from like days ago nessa i think is the only person who can keep up with what im talking about lol

ttfn my ninja!!!^.^

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

ello ello
well since i don't really have anything to say cuz nothing happend today besides going to granny's
so im going to ask a lot of ?'s

1. how tall are you
2. do you like peanut butter
3. whats your favorite movie
4. whats your favorite anime
5. whats you religon (if you have one)
6. how many pets do you have and what are they
7. what is something not many ppl know about u

well i geuss ill stop harrassing u now!!^.^

ttfn my ninjas!!!^.^

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