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Saturday, May 27, 2006

today we went to the graduwation(sp) it was pretty long cuz they each had their own song good thing there was like 7 of them.
tomarow i might go to the lake but i havent asked my parents if i could go and there planing on going to town so if i don't get up early enuf (at lie 5 or summin) to ask them i prolly wont go.
well i supose i should go now
ttfn my ninjas^.^
p.s. yupp they still have yu gi oh

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

YAY my shonen jump came in today and with the first episode of naruto (already seen it but YAY)!!

well im going to town today and gonna try and get the liening for my quilt im thinking a bark blue or black.

well ttfn my ninjas!!^.^

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

well me and rando just finished watching bleach, well more like forced ourselfs to stop. lol i love it i love it i love it. hmmmm i can't think of much to say. iv got the outlaw star theme song in my head lol.

well ttfn my ninjas!!^.^

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

we had a lot of fun this weekend we went to the lake and went swimming and charlie got crissy's truck so stuck in the sand that you couldn't open the door lol i bet i look funny cuz im wearing coveralls (needed to do laundry) but its cumfy went to granny's today and sew some more i don't know how much more im gonna put on it though. and while we were there so was teddie and jenni and i said that i wanted to go swimming agin and teddie said y all u did was hang on vanessa (rando07) whatever i only hung on her when i was over my head (im short) and i wasint the only one crissy was too its not like he wasn't glued to jenni and i know thats dif but they could have atleast kept it pg13 since we were in puplic. the kittens are sooooo cute i stepped on one today poor kitties.

well ttfn my ninjas!!^.^

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

iv been sick since night befor last it was bad im still sick just not pukeing anymore. and i want a tv dinner enchilada but i don't know if it will come up or not. all i ate yesterday was a few crackerz and today i ate a small breadfast at granny's and took a nap. so i don't really know if im hugry or my stomich just hurts. travis said i looked goofy cuz of my hair atleast i don't look like jim carrie on dumb and bumberer
well enuf wineing for my
ttfn my ninjas

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

well me and rando got a t-shirts that say IM NINJA (you can't see me)
mwhahahaha i love it but mines like a tint cuz its an xl but i can hide in it mwhahahaha its genuois i say just brillient
we got our hair cut too its short now i miss my long hair but its not as hot no bad headaces so its good and when we got home i died my hair black and put fuscia hilights (u can bairly see them) i like it my parents like the cut and say that they can live with the color.
i also got a notebook and matching pen with a fairy on it and a skecht book with a fairy on it.
i got my mom and granny a rose for mothers day.
and on the way home we ate at a roadside park and there was this lil piller tipe thing, nothing was comeing and she started danceing on it and this car with a dude and his son popped out of nowhere and pulled in (they i guess where going fishing)
oh and at spencers there was this really tall bald dude got inbetween me and rando (his back was to me) and asked her if WE needed help finding anything she said no and he said if u need help with anything just tell me and there was this fat dude and he had some black tube thingy and kept hitting me with air and then the tall dude was acting like he was doing something on the bottom shelf and tried to look up rando's skirt (good thing she was wearing shorts too) then the fat dude asked us if we left the house intinding to cauz recks whe were like no
and in the parking lot my skirt kept blowing up (good thing i was wearing shorts too) and jenni said i looked like marilin monro and so did sherri (old friend we bumped into at wallmart)
and at subway jenni was really tierd and so i was holding her up and said i bet this looks weird and the chick that was making our subs was like no i have a girlfeind so it don't look weird u can cuddle all u want we were like no were cuzins and then she was like oh well then if u started kissing it would be weird and jenni thought that she meant that she just had a freind and we where like noooooo jenni
oh and i got a wrist band that says can't sleep clows will eat me... can't sleep clows will eat me...
and there was a t-shirt i wanted to get that said when i can't sleep i count the buckles on my strait jacked but i didn't want to affend my mom so i didn't get it.
well enuf insane ramblings for now
ttfn my ninjas
p.s.kilwoon yupp i ingure myself a lot i have a scar on my left cheek from falling on a door hinge and one on my butt from falling in a camp fire and one on my elbow from hitting a dog on my bike and thats the main ones that left scares, abilean is a town

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

ello everybody!! well iv been making a quilt and im almost finished with the top!! i poked myself under my thumb nail a few times and it bleed i also sneezed and stabed myself in the forhead close to my eye *.* well today were going to abilean!! and its too early all well i can get more sleep on the way!!^.^ ow i just stomped my toe on a chair tryin to keep ms.kitty off the table. well i gtg get ready.
ttfn my ninjas ^.^

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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

srry i havent updated in a while. thank u all who wished me happy bday!! and i learded that my bday was pothead day......dun dun duunnn. i havent named my kittie yet any ideas? well my bro caught a snake the other day and it got loose in my room ahhhh but he cought it and got it out and i called it toe toe fry. it rained today i luv the rain!!
well can't think of anything els to ramble about.
ttyl my ninjas!!^.^

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

hey guess what my bday is THursday!!!!!!!! im gonna be a hole wopping 16 mwahahahahaha im getting soo old lol i feel old my kidos are gonna go to school this year :( well we met dajenbugs bf today and we all played pool. and dagenbug kissed me!!!! (on the cheek) and scared the crap out of me (im gonna have nightmares). well thats all for now lovelys.

ttyl my ninjas!!!^.^

p.s. lordsessomaru what is ur email?^.^

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Friday, April 14, 2006

hello my ninjas today me and my cuz john went to spur then dickens and got alchole and he drunk almost all of my captin morgans spiced rum and expected me to let him drink all of my captin morgans pirot bay coconut rum NO MA'AM!!! hes crazy if he thinks ill let him drink most of that. my back hurts.

ttfn my ninjas!!^.^

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