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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

im still sleepy..... crystal woke me and val up earily this morning to go to town and then me and nessa went to town twice and it was funny cuz wen we got gas there was this dude and we started starring at him, i honked at him and nessa waved really big. then we were like we gotta get out of here lol i think he thought we were crazy!!

oh know wat was freaky this morning val was awake for some resone at like 6 somthing and she hurd someone tapping on the window and so she got up to look out and see who it was and there was no one there she was like oooookkkkey and locked the door (she left it unlocked for cristal) and got back in bed then a few minutes later she hurd someone dragging something across the portch and twisted the door nob and started rattiling the door 0.0 creepy it might have been joe he likes doing stuff like that.

well ttfn my ninjas!!!!!^.^

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