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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

well not much happend today. i finally got to go for a ride!!! and my dad gave me a really cool pen!! i know im weird but i luv notbooks and pens don't really use em much but i have i lot and want more just to look at them (if u didn't believe me when i said im crazy do u now?) oh this is soooo funny i love it!!!

hope you liked it!!

ttfn my ninjas!!^.^

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Monday, January 15, 2007

how was your weekend?

oh i remembered somemore owchies with nessa's help! a toolbox lid fell on my head the latched made a big cut and granny thought i might have needed stitches and i got hit in the jaw with a baseball(ok i know its not that bad but hey!) and a sledge-hammer.

i havent been able to drive my car for the past few days becuse there is too much ice to see though it so i walked home from nessa's at 2:30 about 20f just to watch anime (see how big of a fan i am) and there is this lil hill and i would take a step and slide back down it was funny but a bother since i was trying to get home to watch my show!!^.^
my dad shot a bird with his bow and then fell down on the porch poor dad. its like a winter wonder land out here theres a big sheet of ice on everything!!! i luv it except for the fact that i can't drive my car.

my brother said the funniest thing ever the over day he said that him and lil ben had commen sence lmfao!!!!!

well ttfn my ninjas!!!^.^

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Oh i forgot that i fell on a cactus with nessa on top of me lol was always afraid of falling

on one cuz thought it would be extreamly painful but it wasn't ^.^

oh we have a bob-cat that my mom named cactus! lol

my mom turned 47 today or yesterday!!!!!!
found a shirt for my dad at spencers "what do 50 year old men wear boxers or breefs
depends" cracks me up!!!!

Rando posted these pics yesterday!!!^.^




please tell me with ones are you favs!!

well ttfn my ninjas!!!!!^.^

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

well since i can't think of anything better to wright about im gonna wright about how danger proned i am.
a metal pole that holds (was my granny's house) portch fell and hit me in the eye
a 7ft tall mirror that was leaned like this / agenst the wall fell and the metal frame landed on my head
i hit a dog on my bike and have a big scar on my elbow
when i was five i fell on a door hing and had to get five stitches
when i was four i fell in a camp-fire
nessa talkled me and i think she cracked my tailbone
i coaght a basketball wrong and cracked my finger
dajenbug shut my hand in the truck door
and many other things that i can't think of right now my granny used to say they needed to put me in a padded room so i wouldn't acidently hurt myself but i still need to be just for a diffrent reason lol
have any of you had a bizzar acident?
well ttfn my ninjas!!^.^

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

   me and rando were gonna go ice skateing but can't cuz my stupid brother forged about $500 from my parents and accually thought he would get away with it haha o-well its gonna be about 20f so its prolly best to stay home and bundle up.

well ttfn ^.^

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Monday, January 8, 2007

srry i havent posted for a long time! well lets see what has happend, not much i guess. oh i got a bow for christmas and i was telling crissy and jason about it and jason thought i was talking about a bowl so he called me a drug-head lol. rando made our ninja battle so here it is hope you enjoy it!!^.^

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Thursday, August 3, 2006

well we made it through our first 2 days. we worked morning shift and tomarro we start evening and im going to miss naruto =`( all well now ill have money to buy it wen it comes out.
mom got the paper to send in to get the stuff to studdy and test for my license mwhahahahahahahahahaha
we were changing this dude and he had a red spot on him and brinda our charge nurse for morning shift was telling me about bed sores and was being really serouis and put her hand on the red spot and he farted it was sooo funny!!
well ttyl my ninjas!!!^.^

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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

tomarro me and rando start working at the nursing home. i can't wait to go shopping and buy some cute scrubs!! well night before last was pretty hectick there were 2 rattle snakes outside and then rando's dog bit a porkypine(sp) and he wouldn't let us get them out so hes walking around with quills in face. today crissy took the kids shopping for school, man i feel so old.

ttfn my ninjas!!^.^

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

well today Rando is here so i barrowed her comp. last night we watched waiting, drank all kinds of alcaholick bevrages, and eat pizza!!! it was fun and we were pikking at christofure about his pretty purple panties. we also went for a short walk and then drove around. and we sat up till 5 talking and then i woke up and 9:25 and rando and charlie woke up and 10:25 lol

ttfn and be shure to watch naruto tonite on toonami from 7-11 estern!!!!!!!!^.^

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

hello everybody yesterday dajenbug got married and rando was the bridesman and walked me down the ile. we were all barfoot it was fun. me and rando rode in the back of the truck up here to ___ it was dark, cool, and rainy AWSOME. well today we babysat and at the moment im drunk and chris keeps toghching me :( and i tride to take a hammer from him and he perpously stabbed me with the back of it the pops the nails out and theres a big red swollen spot on my hand that looks like a palm tree and no one els could see it so i drew one on it and it hurt but all well and theres some cuts on my other hand and rando asked wy didn't i let go of it but i didn't want him to win but he did anyway becuz it was going nowhere and i wanted to stop toughching him so i let go but anyway accually i think thats what i was talking about hhmmm. next! ummm me and rando went to dairy queen and got a moolatt-e and made it into a ooolatt-e (moolatt-e with vodka) well i guess i stop my intoxicated babbleing.
so ttfn my ninjas!!!^.^

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