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Thursday, February 8, 2007

srry i haven't comented in a while ill try to as soon as i can!

today has been.....frustraiting my mom was haveing an episode.

oh and the day after she told me she wasn't going to help me with the fashion show thingy she was like we gotta do this and this and this cuz u can't do it without me ^.^ (saw it comeing)

well i feel much better now that i got away from her and my bro. (if your wandering about y my moms such a rollercoster its cuz shes bipolar and skitsofrintic((sp)) and my bro is bipolar too so they fight A LOT)

nessa got our pics devolped and ill try to get some posted soon ^.^

well i guess i gtg cuz we gotta get up pretty early


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