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Monday, January 22, 2007

sorry i havent updated in a while well my bunnies got last place in the stock show cuz they didn't have big butts lol whel yesterday my dad got me some cake mixes cuz i told him i thought a chocolate cake with peanutbutter iceing would be good and hehe it was but i made it a little sweet for me and i thought it would have been better with coowhip or summin but i really liked it and i think ill make another today for ganny's b-day!!^.^

oh and when we took the bunnies to the show barn i remembered wy i hated school ppl look at ya like y the hell are you here and having to get up early so i was groggy and think i was slitely getting on nessa's nurves but after i took a nap i felt much better and then there where a lot more ppl there who didn't know us so they were friendly and the teachers who knew us where too and after the waighing the teachers paid us :D how many ppl want to get money from their teachers!! whell their not my teachers anymore but still.

my mom took us over there and didn't even watch us i knew that if it was just me she wouldn't but since nessa was there and we had the bunnies she might but no she wanted to wait outside in the freazing (not just the exprection) rain and smoke awell.

hope that wasn't too confuseing i have i gift of jumping from subject to subject and, out of the blue answer a ? from like days ago nessa i think is the only person who can keep up with what im talking about lol

ttfn my ninja!!!^.^

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