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Friday, February 23, 2007

hey srry that i havent commented or updated lately and i proble wont much for a wile but as soon as i get to ill comment on all ur sites!!! ^.^

oh and nessa finally got her drivers licesnce (sp) so we're going to go see her new nephew that was born on valintines day!! his name is aiden-leon alexander i don't know if there is a dash there or not but its his first name and not 2 second names so there proble isnt supose to be one there but anyway i feel srry for him whe he has to learn how to write it! ^.^ poor kid

my bro might be getting married never thought i would see the day but the're prolly not going to have a ceremoni just be married is what he told mom what he told me was that he was gonna propose to her but couldt afford a ring, so i guess that since he can't afford the ring he can't afford a wedding so the're just going to be married ^.^ im verry happy for them cuz i really like her she's nice!^.^

well ttfn my ninjas untill next time!!!!^.^

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